As candidates begin to announce their plans for the upcoming 2022 elections, Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian says he’s aiming for another term.

“Over the course of my first term, I have seen Texas lead America closer to energy independence than we have been in over 50 years,” Christian said in an announcement on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the election of President Biden have shown us the fragility of that independence and the importance of having principled conservative leaders overseeing our energy policy. It is with this in mind that I have decided to run for a second term.”

The Texas Railroad Commission is the state’s oldest regulatory agency and regulates the Texas oil, gas, and mining industries. Christian was first elected to the three-member commission in 2016 and is seeking a second six-year term.

Christian’s announcement also came with the endorsements of both of his colleagues, Commissioners Jim Wright and Christi Craddick.

So far, no other candidates have officially announced campaigns for the statewide position.