During last night’s debate over the future of the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas House approved an amendment that would change the Transportation Commission from five appointed members to 15 elected members. What a mess that would be.

State Rep. David Leibowitz put forward the amendment.

Critics rightly brought up some significant challenges. Trivial things. Like creating new offices outside the constitution. Like federal rules on election management, drawing the lines, etc.

The desire seems to be to wrestle TxDOT control from the governor and put it closer to the people.

Hmmm… So why not create a commissioner for all 254 counties? Maybe one for every 1,034 school districts?

Given the perennial wrangling between the legislature and the 15-member, regionally elected State Board of Education, one wonders how creating another such board will do anything but create new opportunities for fighting by future elected officials preening for the spotlight.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is Executive Director of Direct Action Texas, a statewide research and election integrity watchdog. You can learn more about the organization at www.DirectActionTexas.com.