In their rush to spend more money, the Texas Department of Transportation may have ended up losing out on a $1 billion in federal money. I hate the porkulus bill, and think TXDOT is out of control. Hard to know who to cheer for in this match.

A Houston Chronicle story says TXDOT may not be eligible for the federal money they are already trying to spend because they didn’t comply with the porkulus law. Apparently the federal law says that spending has to give “priority to economically distressed areas.” At least that’s what the Democrat congressman from Minnesota in charge of federal transportation pork says.

So uber-liberal State Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco has been on the warpath against TXDOT on this.

That in turn lead to a TXDOT employee from saying: “I’m not sure Representative Dunnam understands what the law says.”

Sullivan and the guys at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility did a funny video last year about TXDOT spending. Probably just as relevant today as it was then…