The mission statement of Empower Texans describes us as a non-profit service organization that exists to “educate and inspire Texans to exercise effective citizenship” and “empower taxpayers to advocate for good governance and hold their elected officials accountable.”
Notice the words “Texans” and “citizens.”
Combined, the entire staff of Empower Texans has less than twenty votes. None of us hold elected office at any level. In terms of spending on elections—which is financed by people like you—our organization’s political arm accounted for roughly 1% of Texas’ total political spending in the 2016 elections.
We are, in fact, hopelessly outgunned. If the fight was solely between us and the state’s grow-government political establishment, we would lose every skirmish, every battle, and every war.
So why then, are we so feared by the Austin political establishment? Why is Empower Texans the bogeyman that Joe Straus checks under his bed for every night? Why do we have such an august and extensive collection of RINO heads—like those of Jim Keffer, Bennett Ratliff, and Dan Branch—mounted on the wall?
They’re not our trophies. They’re yours.
It’s people like you who have risen up and demanded that government be limited, accountable, and efficient – who have invested your time, talent, and treasure to fight for your beliefs that have made it all possible. It’s people like you who have block walked for candidates you supported, who drove to Austin to advocate for conservative policies.
We’re just the guys who suggest where to point your torches and pitchforks.
You are the ones who take them and wield them with devastating effect, to take back the halls of government at all levels, and return power to the hands of citizens.
It is our hope that this activist report, our version of a shareholder report, equips you with the tools and information from the legislative session to continue your work to restore self-government to Texas and ensure that her lone star shines brighter than ever.
To read our full report on the regular and special sessions of the 85th Texas Legislature, click here. Feel free to save it, print it, share it, or use it in any other way you see fit as an activist!
To receive this, and other informative materials equipping you with the tools you need to be an effective citizen, apply to join our Texas Torchbearer Program.
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