What does it cost to get legislators to betray their taxpayers and hike taxes in an economic downturn? Just ask the lobbyists at HillCo, who seem to have made about $17,800 per legislator voting against Texans.

According to Ethics filings, HillCo is getting something on the order of $1.3 million from governmental entities to lobby for new gas taxes and fees. In fact, HillCo has been the driving force behind the scenes.

What’d they do with the money? So far, they got 59 House votes and 24 Senate votes — all to raise taxes and impose new fees.

So a $1.3 million contract, divided by 73 votes, equals $17,800 per vote for HillCo.

That’s probably a pretty good deal for HillCo.

It’s a bad deal for families struggling to make ends meet. We pay the taxes, and we pay the lobbyists working against us to increase our taxes.