State Senator Jane Nelson is a true asset to Texas taxpayers. Her consistent conservative approach to public policy-making is the kind of leadership Texas needs.

Senator Nelson earned the Legislative Freedom Fighter Award from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility for her work in passing the Health Care Compact– an interstate agreement to bring healthcare regulations back down to the state level to circumvent the overbearing costs and federal regulations of ObamaCare.

Nelson earned a B+ on TFR’s 2011 Fiscal Responsibility Index, earning her the title of “Taxpayer Advocate”. She also has a career 89 average on the Young Conservatives of Texas legislative ratings.

In 2009, Senator Nelson defended taxpayers from wasteful government spending, including an attempt to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program up to 300% of poverty – equivalent to $66,000 for a family of four.

She stood up against unnecessary environmental regulations and mandates while working to stop big-spenders from imposing new gas taxes and fees.

She also voted to reduce unfunded state mandates on our public schools and opposed creating a new government-sponsored Pre-K program.

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During the 82nd Legislative Session, she fought for common-sense conservative budgeting, including removing franchise-tax speed-up gimmicks, implementing a state employee hiring freeze, and suspending longevity pay for career bureaucrats.

She voted to steadfastly protect the state’s Rainy Day Fund, pushing first for meaningful cuts to the budget and voting against a liberal Democrat’s attempt to draw down even more of the RDF late in the session.

She voted to expand parental control over their children’s education by making it easier for parents to start charter schools in place of failing public schools. She also voted to eliminate the hard cap on the number of charter schools licenses imposed by the state.

She opposed unnecessary intrusions of government into the private sector, including a statewide “cash-for-clunkers” program and excessive regulations on dog and cat breeders.

Senator Nelson is a true advocate of the taxpayer.

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