At a recent Tarrant County candidate forum, state house candidate Ken Sapp categorically denied supporting a gas-taxing boondoggle.  Too bad for Sapp that facts stand in his way. City records show him voting to go along with the scam.

As a member of the North Richland Hills City Council, Ken Sapp voted to support a city legislative agenda calling for a local gas-tax
hike to pay for light-rail (TLOTA).

When asked about his support for TLOTA and local gas-tax hikes, Ken Sapp outright rejected the notion saying, “I have never supported TLOTA.”

Sapp goes on to say he has “no idea where the facts from these circumstances came from.”  Well, luckily the city of North Richland Hills maintains some useful public records that will help jog Mr. Sapp’s memory.

Let the facts begin…

In 2009, the North Richland Hills City Council approved GN 2009-004, a resolution supporting the Regional Transportation Council’s (RTC) legislative agenda, with a 6-0 vote.

Ken Sapp’s vote in favor of supporting TLOTA.

The North Richland Hills council record says the RTC legislative agenda’s “number one priority is the approval of Rail North Texas and to support legislation that will… create a Transportation Funding Area (new taxing entity) for the purpose of levying taxes” to fund light-rail.

The city council supported a legislative agenda prioritizing the ability to levy taxes to fund light-rail.

(By the way, the top hit on google for “Rail North Texas” is TLOTA)

The Sapp-supported NRH City Council legislative agenda included lobbying the legislature for additional funding for light rail, looking for “other revenue sources”, and specifically supporting SB 855 and HB 9 in the Legislature’s 81st session.

Senator John Corona’s SB 855 would have “provided for the imposition of a county motor fuels tax”.  HB 9 was the pet project of recently-ousted State Rep. Vicki Truitt that would have indexed the gas-tax to the producer price index.  This legislative masterpiece would have all but guaranteed a perpetual gas-tax hike.

Despite what Mr. Sapp is now claiming in public, in 2009 Ken Sapp along with the North Richland Hills City Council voted for, endorsed, and supported the pro gas-tax legislative agenda of TLOTA.

Two years later however, Sapp is stuck in a rather sticky situation.  Now running for state representative in one of the most conservative counties in Texas, Ken Sapp has publicly disavowed any support for the tax-hike measures, and seems to have  invented an alternative series of events.

We become fed up with elected officials who say one thing on the campaign while taking opposite actions in office.  Luckily voters in Tarrant County’s HD 91 have been afforded a glimpse at the inconsistencies a ‘Representative’ Sapp would offer and can vote to send Stephanie Klick – a consistent conservative to Austin instead.