Bill Keffer is the latest victim of a false attack mailer attempting to pin him as a supporter of higher taxes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If anyone wants to raise taxes in this race it’s Jason Villalba, who supports expanding the state’s overbearing business franchise tax.

When all else fails, moderates up against stalwart conservatives have found one last straw to grasp as defeat settles in. Candidates such as Ken Sapp in HD 91, Sen. Jeff Wentworth in SD 25, Rep. Chuck Hopson in HD 11, and Ken King in HD 88 have taken it upon themselves to distort the policy positions of their conservative betters, and falsely accuse them of supporting higher sales taxes. Some ridiculously claim as high as 35%!

Why? Because Stephanie Klick (HD 91), Donna Campbell (SD 25), and Travis Clardy (HD 11) have all stated they wish to lower or phase out property taxes. (They’ve all signed the Taxpayer Pledge too.)

Being as the grow-government politicians that they are, Sapp, Wentworth, Hopson, and King all wrongly assume a reduction in property taxes must be replaced with a higher sales tax. They cannot fathom controlling government spending. (Worth noting: none of them have bothered to sign the Taxpayer Pledge.)

In addition, their desire to maintain the status quo flies in the face of the Texas GOP platform that for years has called for an end to the property tax system!

Now, Jason Villalba, a moderate running in HD 114, is trying that same line of attack against his conservative opponent Bill Keffer.

Villalba has sent out numerous mailers in the district accusing Keffer of supporting higher sales taxes, but his attacks are unfounded.

On a live teletownhall with voters this week, Mr. Keffer categorically rejected the distortions being pushed by his tax-and-spend opponent. Here’s the audio.

Furthermore, Bill Keffer is the only candidate in HD 114 who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, vowing he will oppose a tax increase on Texans. Why hasn’t Mr. Villalba?

Perhaps it’s because Mr. Villalba is the one that wants to raise your taxes. The business franchise tax to be exact.

When endorsing him, the Dallas Morning News said about Villalba:

“[H]e takes a more pragmatic stance on the controversial business margins tax, arguing to spread the burden among more businesses with a hard look at definitions and loopholes to increase revenue potential and reduce its rate.” (emphasis added)

In contrast, Keffer opposes the business franchise tax, understanding the burdens such a tax creates for all Texans, not just businesses.

Bill Keffer

Texas does not need any more revenue. Our spending over the past 20 years has increased twice as fast as our rate of population growth and inflation.

We need politicians who understand that. Mr. Keffer is the only one in HD 114 who does.

Don’t buy into the false attacks spewing from the Villalba camp. If voters want a politician dedicated to getting Texas back on the right fiscal track, send Bill Keffer back to Austin.

Dustin Matocha

Dustin Matocha is the CFO and COO of Texas Scorecard. Dustin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Management, a BA in Government, and a minor in Marketing. He’s a self-described Corvette enthusiast, baseball purist, tech geek and growing connoisseur of local craft beer.