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The Luke Macias Show
Steve Toth Attacks Abbott for Duplicity
Texas is allowing companies across the Lone Star State to fire their employees, Texans are asking why this is happening when Republicans control the Legislature, and State Rep. Steve Toth has now revealed that the reason we can’t pass a bill to protect patriotic Texans is that Greg Abbott doesn’t support the legislation. 
Abbott placed a bill to ban vaccine mandates on the agenda in the last week of the special session so that the bill would die, but it would still look like he supported the legislation. This is very similar to the action taken by Stephanie Klick on a ban on gender modification
This isn’t the first time Greg Abbott has been duplicitous with Steve Toth.

Greg Abbott also recently appointed John Scott as our new secretary of state. We talk about why this is significant and why it took so long to appoint a replacement after the Texas Senate failed to confirm Abbott’s last two appointees.


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