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Spending Cap Sophistry

With the 84th session of the Texas Legislature still over a month away, big-spending politicians are already scheming on how to massively expand the next state budget, all while claiming fiscal discipline. The main obstacle to the grow-government crowd is our constitutional spending limit on the growth of appropriations commonly referred to as “the spending […]

By |November 24, 2014
Why Not Number One?

Texans take pride in our state’s frequent “Best in America” characterization when it comes to job creation. It should come as a surprise then that we are not rated the number one tax climate for business. According to the 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index, produced by the non-partisan Tax Foundation, the Lone Star State […]

By |November 6, 2014
Mr. Medicaid on the Make

Cole Ballweg’s business stands to make a small fortune off Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. No wonder the Democratic candidate for state representative in Tarrant County is pushing for it so hard on the campaign trail. Ballweg is the co-founder of Vivicare Health Partners, an administrative firm that accepts Medicaid funds. It is no surpirse then, that Ballweg wants Texas […]

By |October 30, 2014
Process Over Outcomes: An Opportunity for Reform

Official testimony of senior Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) leadership at a recent House hearing revealed seemingly contradictory Prop 1 claims, a complete lack of thoughtful policy discussions, and major inconsistencies in project evaluation by the agency. These comments solidify the conclusion that the agency must be overhauled with proper processes before it can produce […]

By |October 30, 2014
Cradles of Dysfunction

Texas drivers are fed up with the dysfunctional predicament of our state’s transportation system. While many local politicians cast blame at the state, it is fitting that their search for whom to blame should begin with a look in the mirror. Taxpayers ought to know the true genesis of many indefensible policy and project decisions […]

By |October 28, 2014
Fix First, Then Fund

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is the poster child of agencies in dire need of reform. We’ve recently reported on the many, well-documented illustrations of institutional incompetence, poor leadership decisions, and a lack of objective processes for project allocation. Despite these correctable ills, some lawmakers want to give TxDOT even more of your tax […]

By |October 1, 2014
University of North Texas Know-Nothings

Over the course of four decades, the University of North Texas received millions of dollars over and above their legislative appropriation. According to a new State Auditor’s Office report, the university manipulated payroll and accounting systems to inappropriately draw down millions in state funds. As a result, the university could owe the state nearly $76 […]

By |September 26, 2014