Texas Scorecard Fellowship

The Texas Scorecard Fellowship is a comprehensive program designed for conservative Texans under the age of 25 with an interest in public policy, political accountability, and Texas history. Texas Scorecard’s Fellowship will direct these interests towards the activities of Texas’ state and local government, the role of citizens in shaping their communities, and general current events. Applicants need only demonstrate a commitment to foundational conservative principles, strong character, and a committed work ethic in order to be competitive. 

Our fellowship program has three tracks. While individuals will be exposed to all three, applicants will apply for a particular area of emphasis: writing, research, and administration.

At the end of the program, the ideal participant will leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively and meaningfully communicate through multiple media formats the public policy process of the State of Texas. 

Applications are now being accepted for the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 programs!

Spring: January 8 through May 10

Our Culture

At Texas Scorecard, we will…

  • Never take political actions personally, never make politics personal.
  • Always be factual.
  • Stay mission focused.
  • Be citizen-driven.
  • Be happy warriors.
  • Act systemically and generationally.
  • Be strategic and disciplined.


The Fellowship is a paid opportunity, based at the Texas Scorecard headquarters in Central Texas.

Writing Fellows

These individuals will work alongside senior Texas Scorecard staff to develop content for Texas Scorecard, a news publication that seeks to educate and inspire Texans to exercise effective citizenship and advance self-governance. At the end of the fellowship, they will be expected to write and develop their own content under the mentorship of senior staff.

Research Fellows

These individuals will work alongside senior Texas Scorecard staff to research events, issues, and individuals. They will learn how to systemically approach research with a disciplined eye for facts and reliable sources.

Administration & Management Fellows

These individuals will work alongside senior staff to learn the basics of nonprofit management and leadership, including fundraising. They will understand the legal and operational needs surrounding nonprofit management. (This track is generally only available in the fall and spring offerings.)

Throughout the fellowship period, all fellows will participate in seminars that are designed to provide them with an in-depth understanding of our system of self-governance and Texas’ political history, coupled with practical insights into the processes of state and local public policy. They will also participate in skills-based seminars providing them with tools useful to communicate public policy, including political writing, speech-giving, bill analysis, communications strategy, and effective citizenship.

Fellows will be paid a $2,500 monthly stipend for the duration of their fellowship.

Download The Application

It is available in .PDF format.


Why should I choose to participate in the Texas Scorecard Fellowship?

The fellowship is the first program of its kind in the State of Texas designed to form and equip young adults with the tools and knowledge they need to become effective communicators about the public policy process of our beloved state. They will emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to become top-tier recruits for Texas Scorecard and allied organizations looking to hold state and local officials accountable.

How do I apply?

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis, and preference will be given to applications submitted earlier in the timeline.

The application is available for download on this page in the box labeled “Download The Application.”

Who is this fellowship for?

Who is this fellowship for?

The Texas Scorecard Fellowship is designed to identify, equip, and train young Texans to be effective communicators to the citizens of Texas. To this end, applicants need only demonstrate a commitment to foundational conservative principles, strong character, and a committed work ethic in order to be competitive. 

Previous political experience, academic achievement, writing skills, or even enrollment in college are not priorities for acceptance into this program. Preference will be given to candidates seeking full-time employment in the public policy and journalism space rather than those seeking admission to graduate school or employment in other fields.

Will Texas Scorecard pay for my travel to Central Texas or any other incidentals?

No. The $2,500 monthly stipend for participation in the Fellowship will be the only guaranteed financial compensation given to fellows.

Can non-Texans apply?


Can I take classes while participating in the Texas Scorecard Journalism Fellowship?

The fellowship requires full-time, in-person attendance at the Texas Scorecard headquarters during the week and occasional special events on weekends for the duration of the program. However, fellows will be permitted to, within reason, schedule segments of the workday to attend classes.

What is the time commitment?

Fellows will be expected to arrive at the office between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on all weekdays and can expect to conclude their daily duties between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. However, because news and events never sleep, fellows may be required to work odd hours at various points during the program.

Will I need a car?

Fellows may be expected to make trips to the Texas Capitol and other newsworthy locations during their fellowship. Having access to a motor vehicle will be helpful but is not required.