The Kambree Show

The Kambree Show will take a journey each week through the real issues impacting Texans, the ones those in power don't want to focus on. Kambree Nelson is a native Texan, wife, mother, marketing professional, and grassroots activist. She'll get answers to the tough questions: what's really going on, who's responsible, and what citizens can do.

Texas Early Voting: Hottest Race Breakdown

Join us as we unravel the drama behind H.D. 33, the race that has captured the nation's attention during early voting in Texas. Find out how Justin Holland's legislative decisions are being scrutinized by his challengers, including a Marine veteran.

Conservatives Unite to Defeat Texas House Speaker

Join the movement as North Texas conservatives rally together to take down the Republican House Speaker, Dade Phelan! Discover how they are supporting GOP primary challenger David Covey in District 21 to ensure Phelan doesn't get re-elected. From Orange to Jasper and...

Historic Vote: Texas GOP Censures House Speaker

The Texas GOP has made a bold and controversial move by voting to censure their own Republican Texas House Speaker, Dade Phelan. This decision not only discourages Phelan from participating in the upcoming Republican Party primary but also cuts off financial support...

Why Republicans are Fighting to Close Primaries

Why are Democrats being urged to vote in Republican primaries in Texas? Find out why Republicans are fighting to close primaries and how it could impact the upcoming elections. Don't miss this intriguing video and make sure to subscribe for more political insights!