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Unlike Austin, Fort Worth Accommodates Ridesharing

While Texas’ notoriously liberal capitol city recently banned innovative ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, the Fort Worth City Council has adopted policies to accommodate customers and drivers. Austin and Houston have passed measures aimed at protecting the monopolistic taxicab industry. Those cities have adopted needless restrictions, such as a burdensome fingerprinting requirement, that are […]

By |June 29, 2016
FWST Editorial Board Publishes Inaccuracies to Defend TexRail Failure

Local news outlets continue to publish inaccuracies to defend TexRail, Tarrant County’s controversial $1 billion train proposal. Their false claims are disproved by the government’s own study that found the tax-funded boondoggle will have no transportation or environmental benefits. After the City of Colleyville responded to citizen concerns by passing a resolution 5-2 against TexRail, […]

By |June 22, 2016
Taxpayer Guide to Property Taxation

The simple truth about property taxes is that local officials—not appraisal boards—control how much your tax bill increases. Unless they vote to lower tax rates every September to adequately offset rising property values, Texans will pay higher taxes. When governments keep tax rates the same year over year, they are skimming more money from existing […]

By |June 16, 2016
Schools Are Knowingly Exposing Kids to Sexual Predators

By intentionally putting the safety of minors at risk, superintendents are going to new lengths to protect teachers that engage in criminal activity. Channel 8 News recently revealed that North Texas school districts are knowingly exposing innocent children to sexual predators, potentially violating state law, and obstructing state investigators in the process. The appalling practice, […]

By |May 27, 2016
Sam Rayburn Tolls Are A Hidden Tax

Through a perverse tolling scheme enabled by state legislators, Denton and Collin County commuters using the Sam Rayburn Tollway are paying a regional tax disguised as a “toll.” That’s because the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA) paid the regional government $3.2 billion to build the road—which will be repaid by tolls—so they could finance projects […]

By |May 26, 2016