The story of 2 year-old Alfie Evans has captured the attention of people all over the world and for good reason. As this small infant continues to fight for his life, his parents and family remain powerless to prevent the British government, courts, and government-run healthcare bureaucracy from doing everything in their power to kill Alfie.  It is a tragic irony that as the UK celebrates the birth of another royal baby, a “commoner” is sentenced to death by a system devoid of liberty, dignity and decency.

This is a glimpse into our future in America if we do not immediately take action to reclaim healthcare freedom for our families and ourselves.  If we do not, we will see a true dystopia that mirrors the nightmare we’re seeing play out in Western Europe.  A dystopia marked by open borders and sovereignty stripped away by unaccountable and rogue judges whose oath is to ideology instead of the Constitution.  A dystopia where the pews sit empty as our society secularizes and our culture erodes from a people who place their hope in government instead of God.  A dystopia where your life or your loved ones’ life is in the hands of a technocrat, coldly evaluating one’s worth based on a spreadsheet denoting the cost to the government for treatment.

Indeed, as the wild-eyed proposals and empty promises of socialists like Bernie Sanders get bolder and more dangerous, the response of Republicans has been one of temerity. It has been a Republican majority that has put us back on the path to annual trillion dollar deficits. It has been a Republican majority that has repeatedly lacked the will to fully repeal Obamacare – and more importantly, win minds and hearts for healthcare freedom.

Instead, even as we watch Alfie fighting for his life against the tyranny of government-run healthcare, Swamp Republicans and supposedly conservative think tanks and analysts are sitting around in a room talking about healthcare “deals” in which we are permitted mere slices of freedom masked as “incrementalism.”  Indeed, these deal-makers have spent weeks and months looking to cut a deal that permanently ensconces federal control over health insurance, that maintains the entirety of Obamacare’s architecture, and that provides only limited relief for a small handful of the tens of millions of Americans still being crushed by a law that every Republican promised to repeal for the past eight years.

And instead of spending all their time and energy looking for a way to actually repeal Obamacare–to repeal the insurance regulations that have caused premiums to double and triple, that have closed provider networks for so many families and patients, and that have diminished the quality of care that Texans, and Americans, receive–these Swamp Republicans have spent their time and energy beating down the few actual conservatives who dare to resist their foolish, hypocritical, and weak proposal.

Freedom isn’t kissing the ring of some HHS bureaucrat for Texas to “opt out” of certain regulations so long as Washington approves. Freedom isn’t just shuffling the deck chairs of Medicaid in the name of block grants. Freedom isn’t talking about continued subsidies for big insurance companies while pretending they aren’t effectively an arm of the government in our crony, highly-regulated third party system. And freedom isn’t scratching and clawing for “short term plans” that are partially exempted from Obamacare and that only provide a small escape hatch for an even smaller number of Americans.

Freedom is my ability as a citizen, husband, and father to get the healthcare of my choosing, from the professional of my choosing, at free market rates unrestrained by Obamacare, EMTALA, HIPAA or any other government acronym that serves only as an offensive attack on my God-given liberty.  A liberty that has not come cheap, but has nevertheless been relegated to a mere talking point by so many of the people we have sent to Washington to preserve and protect it.

It is time the American people reclaim our liberty and paint a vision of healthcare freedom that ensures every American has the freedom to receive the care of their choosing tailored to their specific needs. And that fundamentally protects every American from enduring the heartbreak and despotism that the Evans family now endures across the pond. The people of the 21st District of Texas have the opportunity to light that fire and start winning the hearts of minds of our fellow citizens to this noble and necessary cause.

I’m running for Congress because we can no longer pretend that we’re not half a step behind the tyrannical social welfare state of Europe. Progressives like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris are now openly advocating for a government-run healthcare system that would determine whether my children’s lives, your children’s lives, are ones worth saving. And too many on the right have proven that they are either unwilling or incapable of turning the tide against such despotism.

This is not freedom. This is not hope. This is not that for which millions of Americans have paid in blood, limb, and their last full measure.  This is tyranny in its most sinister form–in the guise of a paternalistic and all-knowing government that acts predicated on what it believes is in our best interests.

We can and must stand athwart this march of statism. We have not just the opportunity, but the duty to end our brief dance with socialized medicine, and end it now.  In our republic, it’s the people who are in control of their destiny. It’s time to remind Washington of that truth.

Chip Roy

Chip Roy is a candidate for Texas' Fifth Congressional District. Most recently, Chip served as the Vice President of Strategy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.