Today we hear plenty of news coverage about terrorism and security.  In this election year, we have also heard a considerable amount of press over the federal deficit and raising the spending limit through the omnibus spending bill, now in excess of $19 trillion, if anyone can even comprehend a number so large.

These topics are extremely frightening to almost everyone and the media knows that fear sells.  However, there is something that affects each one of us every day far more than a terrorist attack or even federal spending; it is our use of energy.  We have not had a cohesive energy plan for years and under the Obama administration, the EPA has been used by the president as a tool to maneuver around Congress to implement his climate change agenda.  The president has already killed the Keystone pipeline which would have improved our access to Canadian crude oil and provided safer transport of that crude than by the rail now being used in its place.

[side_text]David L. Savage of Katy, Texas, submitted this commentary for and Texas Scorecard.[/side_text]

But the truly alarming issue to each and every American should be the sweeping new regulation by the EPA called the Clean Power Plan (CPP).  This plan is designed to reduce carbon emissions from existing electrical power plants, chiefly coal plants, and increase reliance on renewables and natural gas.  Yet, the EPA admits the CPP will have no measurable impact on global temperatures and cost billions to implement.  In reality, this is a very poorly conceived plan that will significantly increase electricity costs for all citizens across the country and is a gross overreach of federal regulation by an agency without the authority to do so under the Clean Air Act.

Renewable technology today is simply incapable of replacing this volume of electricity production at time when the nation’s grid is already stretched to its limits with aging infrastructure.  If enacted, the CPP will force the shutdown of plants, the firing of thousands of hardworking Americans, and raising the cost to every business and family who rely upon electricity.

We all want a cleaner, healthier planet.  But let’s make sure we are considering all of the science available around global climate issues, including the present limitations in renewable technologies to provide reliable electricity production whenever it is needed.  We need to use all forms of energy to provide the highest standard of living for all Americans at the lowest cost.  This can only be done by responsibly examining coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, solar and wind resources in combination to meet our ever growing demands for transportation and electricity generation. Each one of us uses electricity every day and if the CPP is implemented in its present form, we will all suffer the much higher costs and reduce our available funds for other essential needs.