Proverbs 31
It is not for kings, O Lemuel,
It is not for kings to drink wine,
Nor for princes intoxicating drink;
Lest they drink and forget the law,
And pervert the justice of all the afflicted.
Give strong drink to him who is perishing,
And wine to those who are bitter of heart.
Let him drink and forget his poverty,
And remember his misery no more


I am still reflecting on the rhetoric and outcome of this session. It is so obvious that our leaders were bamboozled into thinking they could play nice with the enemies of freedom and expect a fair outcome.

I am really indifferent about whether or not people can have a beer delivered to their home. If the law was unfair and needed correction, great! I am appalled, however, that this is one of the key victories celebrated by our governor and especially the two Senate doctors who promoted it. Why not apply the same principles of freedom to all areas of government? They neglected so much opportunity for medical freedom. Too many people will continue to suffer from inadequate care, inflated medical costs, and inaccessible prescription medications—all symptoms of the continued plunder of our society in the name of medical coverage.

The truth is, our representatives collectively lacked the courage to address the real problems. They gave in to the bullies who enrich themselves by siphoning taxpayer dollars for “noble” causes. I am sad to see how quickly it happens to the best of them. The pressure must be intense. The threats are surely believable. Yet they had so little to lose, compared to what multitudes suffer in the world. So, they urge us to be consoled by—and even celebrate—trumped-up mediocrity. They hope we dismiss the white-washed corruption in which they have indulged. They give us easier access to mind-numbing substances to placate our valid concerns for the future our children face.

We have witnessed repeatedly that, when placed in positions of power, people are inherently self-preserving at almost any cost to others. As evidenced in despotic societies around the world, apart from God; His grace and forgiveness; and the promise of Heaven, there would be no hope for humanity.

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Sheila Page, DO

Sheila Page is president of TXAAPS, president of District II of TOMA, and board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal medicine. She is a physician activist for the preservation of integrity in the patient-physician relationship and the restoration of private, independent medical practice.


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