So, the 86th Legislative Session is over. What now? I’m glad you asked! Because I have some suggestions:

First: Most of the House representatives are going to be holding townhalls in their districts over the coming weeks. State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R–Keller) has already done two. GO TO THESE MEETINGS! Look up their voting records on key issues before you go, and then go confront them on the things you don’t like and say “thank you” for things you do. Either way, make sure he/she knows who you are and that you’re paying attention.

Second: We saw some property tax relief and school finance reform from the Legislature, but it’s still your local elected city councils, county commissioners, and school boards who determine how much property tax you pay—besides, the new reforms don’t take effect until next year. Your tax bill is directly tied to their budgets! And guess what? RIGHT NOW, they are all setting their budgets for the next fiscal year and will subsequently set proposed tax rates.

This is the number you should be paying attention to—not your appraised value. So, GO TO THEIR MEETINGS! Go to the budget workshops! Go to the public hearings that will be required before they adopt a budget or a tax rate! TELL THEM TO STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY! I can’t stress this one enough. As important as it is to be involved in the legislature, it’s a hundred times more important to be in involved in your local governments. Stand up and speak up!

Third: Get ready to work your behinds off for the 2020 election! It’s going to be a doozy, and it starts now. I’ve seen too many people saying they are done working for elections and plan to just sit it out. I understand that sentiment for some incumbents, but that means we just have to work that much harder at replacing them with someone good. There have to be some good folks out there that are willing to do this. LET’S FIND THEM!

I’m ready. Who’s with me?

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Fran Rhodes

Fran Rhodes is a resident of Fort Worth and Keller ISD and has been actively involved in local community affairs since 2010. Fran is president of True Texas Project.