We need more veterans in the U.S. Congress. Every veteran we send to Washington is a “combat multiplier” in the fight to Make America Great Again (again) and keep it that way.

I’ve worked side by side with President Trump as one of his senior advisors in the White House, and I’ve seen firsthand how determined his enemies are to defeat him—there seems to be no limit to how low they’ll go to smear him and anybody associated with him. They clearly realize that Donald Trump is the single greatest obstacle to their dream of a socialist America, just as I’ve realized that the best thing I can do to preserve this nation and its values for my children and grandchildren is to run for the House of Representatives so that I can help advance the president’s America First agenda.

Veterans and service members have benefited from the Trump presidency as much as any other American, if not more so. Supporting this administration is as simple as pursuing our own self-interest.

President Obama spent eight years hollowing out the U.S. military and cutting corners when it came to caring for our veterans. Under his watch, severe funding cuts left our armed forces unprepared to fulfill their missions, and hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of brave veterans died while waiting for routine healthcare.

To be sure, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was already plagued by mismanagement when Obama took office—but despite promising to fix the situation, our previous commander-in-chief allowed it to deteriorate further while he focused on other priorities. President Trump, on the other hand, took immediate action to reform the VA, rooting out corruption and inefficiency and providing substantial new resources to ensure that the country meets its obligations to veterans.

It’s not just for our own sake that we need to help deliver Donald Trump a second term. As veterans, service is in our blood, and we’ll always consider the good of the country ahead of our own parochial interests.

Animated by the same spirit that drove us to serve our country in uniform, we need to do our part to help this president accomplish his mission on behalf of all Americans. Securing four more years for President Trump will secure the safety and prosperity of this country for decades to come—it’s tough to beat that return on investment!

Most of us aren’t in a position to run for Congress, but every single one of us can make a difference by speaking up within our own community. Veterans are respected members of the community, and our opinions carry a lot of weight with our friends and neighbors. Face-to-face conversations are often the best way to get people to let down their partisan guard, which is exactly what the country needs right now.

Veterans for Trump, which I’m proud to be part of, can provide the information and advice you need to get involved, and virtual campaigning has made it easier than ever to participate. I was recently blessed with the opportunity to join some of my fellow veterans in co-hosting a Veterans for Trump event, and the next one is coming up on May 13.

We need more veterans in the U.S. Congress to help support President Trump, but even more importantly, we need veterans in towns and cities all over the country to help re-elect this president and secure American greatness for future generations.

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Ronny Jackson

Ronny Lynn Jackson is an American physician and a retired Navy Rear Admiral. He previous served as the Physician to the President and is running to represent Texas’ 13th Congressional District.