Can you imagine if 75 million liberty-loving Trump voters STOPPED funding/supporting their own demise? (Facebook, Netflix, Macy’s, Amazon, Google, Walgreens, and sports or products from communist countries, to name a few.)

We have untapped power, and we “refuse” to use it because we’re either addicted to stuff or lazy. The excuses are never-ending. I understand we can’t be 100 percent, but can you imagine if we were 50 and eventually 75 percent free from supporting our own demise?

Can you imagine if we STOPPED sending our most precious asset, our children, to indoctrination camps (schools and universities) that teach Marxist curriculum, globalism (communism), social justice, critical race theory, ungodliness, and hatred for America?

Forget politicians, we as individuals are aiding and abetting our enemy, and that is CRAZY! People ask, “What can I do?” We can stop supporting our enemies! It takes time, effort, self-control, and unselfishness, but what an impact we’d make. I can imagine anything IF we set our mind to it. Think about it: No violence and not one shot fired, just sheer determination NOT to aid and abet our enemy.

You may disagree, but I wholeheartedly believe it’s within OUR power to make a difference in a huge way. But do we have the will? We ask God for help all the time, but maybe we need to start helping ourselves by NOT aiding and abetting evil, our enemy.

Happy New Year? I believe it CAN be an awesome year for liberty, if we truly want it.

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