Thank you, President Ford, board members, and most especially the parents, guardians, and taxpayers in this room tonight.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD has always meant so much to me and my family. My two children went through the halls of the district, and throughout those many great years, I was a proud and heavily involved mother.

But over the last several years, myself and others have seen the politicization of the children’s classrooms.

We’ve seen a rise in questionable or outright inappropriate materials and books. We have seen the overt and nefarious infiltration of social and cultural propaganda in the curriculum—none more damaging to young minds and bodies than the madness of so-called gender fluidity ideology.

Across the district, parents, guardians, and concerned citizens stood up and said we have finally seen enough.

I ran on the promise of ending these assaults on our children. I ran to put an end to adults pushing their worldviews, whims, and fantasies onto unsuspecting children.

I ran to be the voice of the solid majority in this community who thinks that schools should be in the educating business, not the indoctrinating business.

I view tonight as the culmination of the slow march back to sanity for GCISD.

I have kept the promise of my candidacy and will continue to do so. The stakes are too high for half-measures or cowardice.

I want to be clear: Tonight, we have taken what is the state law and we have made it the express policy of GCISD.

Per state law, we have reaffirmed the value of hard work, merit, and patriotic civics. Per state law, we have cast out the evil ideology that divides our students by race, pits them against one another, and assigns shame and victimhood to them for the acts of past generations.

And while the state Legislature has led on these issues, we are going further to protect our students—as is our right as an independent school district.

We are going to remove explicit or pornographic books from reading and library shelves.

To the community, I say: We are not banning books; we are establishing boundaries, like any rational adult in charge of young minds should.

If you want to get one of these books we remove from the district, get on Amazon and get it. No one is stopping you.

But this school district will not peddle in or push inappropriate content onto children, period.

We are going to take the lunacy of gender fluidity ideology head-on and protect the minds and bodies of our children.

Tonight, we are prioritizing innocence and scientific truth over destabilizing social and cultural agendas that have profound and sometimes irreversible impacts on young lives.

We will not sacrifice the innocence of our children for the satisfaction of deeply unhappy adults.

Simply put, with the passage of the policies, we have neutralized our classrooms. They will no longer be used as weapons against free-market capitalism, against national pride and unity, against traditional American values, and against the biological and social identity of our children.

Again, I thank those who have supported me here tonight and those at home.

I thank President Ford and my fellow board members willing to stand up and make a change.

Most of all, I thank the residents who took back their schools. Tonight is about you, your families, and your community.

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Tammy Nakamura

Tammy Nakamura is a Grapevine-Colleyville ISD school board trustee, former Colleyville City Council member, and mom of two GCISD graduates.