Fort Worth Independent School District is in dire need of transformational change on May 6. On this day, voters in Fort Worth ISD will be able to vote out incumbents from the three FWISD school board districts that have caused so much chaos and failed leadership for years.

FWISD has seen a decline in student enrollment since 2016 as the ISD has lost more than 14,000 students to other ISDs, charter schools, and private schools. FWISD has also seen its student performance drop, as only 19 percent of third-grade students are on grade level now. Only 66.4 percent of FWISD graduates are prepared for the workforce.

It has become so bad that the ISD is planning to cut several positions, as it has lost thousands of students and millions of dollars.

Every year since 2016, FWISD has spent millions on a divisive equity department that has not produced any results to improve student performance but creates chaos and controversy. The department had a racial equity committee co-chair resign after experiencing controversy nationwide for doxxing parents that sued the ISD to stop a mask mandate. It closed its committee meetings to the public, and the director resigned this past August. To this day, trustees have refused to take action to remove the critical race theory introduction handbook and disband the department.

FWISD trustees have supported the divisive healthsmart curriculum that removed mentions of male and female, and instead endorses gender fluidity. After much protest from the community, the superintendent ultimately removed it for this school year.

Trustees have limited parents’ public comments—sometimes only allowing them one minute. They have lost hundreds of teachers and have done nothing to stop the ISD’s collapse. Disciplinary issues are at an all-time high, and businesses are not moving to Fort Worth because of the horrible schools the ISD has produced.

The time for change is here. Patriot Mobile Action and other conservative leaders have endorsed Valeria Nevarez, Pat Carlson, and Yosh Yoder for the FWISD school board.

We can’t have elected officials who are complacent with this collapse and further the radical left’s agenda of racial division and gender fluidity. Incumbents have had several years to show us what they could do to change FWISD and improve performance. Instead, they have failed to deliver results, and the incumbents have gaslighted the public about their failed record. They are pretending that everything is ok when, in reality, it is not. They have also attacked conservatives and silenced activists. Let’s send a message to the board that we have had enough.

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Carlos Turcios

Carlos Turcios is currently the Turning Point USA UTA chapter President and a Republican Precinct Chair.