TX Speaker Joe Straus was censured this evening, Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, by his own Bexar County GOP organization for being an obstructionist to conservative state legislation in the Texas House, and for disparaging the state GOP Platform.

A video was shown of Straus being challenged in the state House for not moving conservative pieces of legislature. The video showed undeniable evidence of his arrogance and obstructionism.
Some Straus supporters tried to defend him as a good Republican, but in the end no one could dispute his actions.

The censure brands Straus for listening to lobbyists more than the grassroots voters, and as an obstructionist to the conservative legislative agenda. It also sends a big message to rest of the GOP Establishment obstructionists.

What’s the point of having a GOP state platform if elected officials don’t support it, or even worse, disparage it?

Remember folks, the defense of freedom and liberty starts in your backyard with your precinct chairs and local officials. Hold them accountable.