There you go again,” was the rebuke from former California Governor Ronald Reagan.

We all recall that moment during the October 28, 1980 debate when Reagan rebuked Carter over Carter’s misstatement of Reagan’s position on Medicare.  The line “There you go again” became one of the many catch phrases that identified Reagan.

Flash forward 38 years and once again, we have a former California Governor making news.  This time, former Governor Schwarzenegger is making headlines by his attacks on big oil.  I previously detailed how the hypocritical Schwarzenegger pledged to sue big oil for first degree murder and pledged to label everything that contained petroleum products.  In my first article, I listed eight categories of products that used petroleum in their manufacturing process.

In less than one week, I can say of Schwarzenegger, “there you go again.”  Now, to promote a fundraiser for an after-school program, Schwarzenegger is offering cigars, lunch, life coach advice and a chopper ride across Los Angeles.

Mr. Schwarzenegger, you are still a hypocrite.

I enjoy an occasional cigar myself, but I would not be promoting an after-school event by offering a cigar as an incentive for participating in the event.  I would not be offering life coach advice had I blown up my own marriage by having multiple affairs.  Nor, would I be offering a helicopter trip across Los Angeles in a helicopter after having just criticized big oil while in Texas the week before.

Again, sir, stick to acting.