After trying unsuccessfully to kick Donald Trump off the ballot, Democrats—now worried Americans might think their candidate isn’t mentally fit—are calling for Joe Biden to be taken off the ticket.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they thought Joe Biden would still be the Democrats’ candidate in November.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I think Biden will not be on the ballot, but what we must remember is that it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s Biden, or Harris or whoever – they are all the same, and another four years of Democrat control of our county will be a devastation from which we may not recover.” – Fran Rhodes 
“When you no longer serve their purpose, the swamp will tear you apart. Whoever does take his place will definitely be every bit the traitor he is and more.” – Ken Bintliff
“Anything is better than Trump’s BS, and remember he’s still criminal.” – Billy Hill
“The top Dems. do not want him off the ballot because they are running the show, not Biden.” – Deanna Skoglund
“I’m hearing the Republicans are making it very difficult for the Democrats to change candidates this late in the process.” – Rachel Salajean
“Biden has to stay on the ballot. With 40% of voters identifying as independent, introducing a new candidate would swing the most of them to the Republican party.” – Herbt Richards
“Yes, Joe Biden will be on the ballot in November! Unless Kamala and the cabinet invoke the 25th amendment, Jill will never turn over her power to Kamala. Jill and Hunter both need Joe to stay in office.” – Angelika Höher
“Mr. Biden needs, and has needed for some time, to step down. He is ill. It’s a sad travesty to keep parading him around, stumbling and falling, not knowing which way to turn, etc.” – Michelle Lantz
“It is far too late in the game for Biden to be replaced, and his handlers will never allow him to agree to it.” – Shilo Platts
“Biden will be on the ballot. The bottom line is they really have no other choice at this late hour.” – Roger Taylor
“I’m still somewhat conflicted. The Democrats have backed themselves into a hole and can’t crawl out. This is what happens when you lie, steal, and cheat, and don’t play by the rules.” – Renee Walker
“It’s too late to slate another candidate in some states unless they break the rules AGAIN.” – Bob Davis
“I believe Mr. Biden is too corrupt to step aside for the ‘good of the country.’” – Cathy Hess
“Removing Biden now serves no purpose. He’s not running the show, so nothing would change.” – Jack Boteler
“Biden will remain on the ballot as his goal in life was to be president, and his family likes the ‘power’ they have.” – Debra Davis
“They will keep Biden. Too many criminals connected to each other and the Biden-Clinton-Obama crime syndicate.” – Kent Parker
“With Joe Biden on the ballot, more Americans are starting to see his party for their acts of corruption. If they change to another candidate, some voters may be scammed into believing the party is ethical. Leave him on the ballot.” – Jeanie Muegge
“I don’t think Biden will be on the Democrat ticket. The only reason he would remain on the ballot would be all the ‘mail-in’ ballots that have already been printed with checkmarks by his name.” – Steve Nulf
“I think Biden will be on the ballot, but only because it is really late to change candidates.” – Cindy Armstrong
“Democrats made this bed, now they need to sleep in it.” – Gary Meissner

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