Over the last two years, even as the border with Mexico has remained porous, the United States has sent more than $175 billion to help Ukraine defend its borders.

Yesterday, we asked readers if the United States should continue funding the Ukrainian war effort.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I voted no with great reservation because I’m not sure who the villain is. The countries of Ukraine and Russia are possibly equal in evil rulers.” – Barbara McClure
“Yes, it’s in the long-term interests of the US and all nations to support Ukraine in its fight against the immoral military aggression of Russia. Failing to do so and allowing Russia to succeed would only encourage more immoral military aggression by Russia and other belligerent states.” – David Nelson
“No! If we can’t protect our own borders, we shouldn’t be sending money to Ukraine to protect theirs. We have unknown numbers of terrorists coming into our country illegally that are going to try and take America down from within.” – Sudie Sartor
“I lived in Russia for 18 months and visited Ukraine several times. I know several wonderful Ukrainians, and they don’t deserve what Russia is doing to them. Stopping Russian aggression there will stop them from attacking other countries.” – Rick McClelland
“It’s a false dichotomy to juxtapose the 175 billion we’ve spent to stop Russia’s annexation of a neighbor to Europe against our porous southern border. If Biden had kept the 175 billion, it would have done nothing for the border; it would have gone to “canceling” student debt, banning gas stoves, making good on threats to outspoken parents, and countless other harms.” – Mary Louise Serafine
“Russia is an adversary of the United States and would be a much greater threat if it absorbs the resources of Ukraine. Ukraine could be a strong ally of the United States if it survives this war. That is definitely worth investing some money (not American blood) to achieve that end. Helping Ukraine is an America First policy.” – Jerry Harben
“We should have never started sending money to Ukraine…” – Kalin Hartman
“Yes, but only with a full accounting of funds. Ukraine’s history of government corruption is a reason to keep them on a short leash.” – Thomas Camardo
“I am so baffled by the stupidity and hypocrisy of this administration (and most Democrats) that I have no comment other than, put America first and fund securing OUR borders!” – Cathy Blake
“Funding the war in Ukraine is a waste of valuable resources that are dramatically needed elsewhere in OUR country, especially the southern border. Continued funding is a “feel good” move for idiot relics like John Cornyn!” – Roger Taylor
“Why should the US go even further into debt for a foreign country that is not even one of our traditional allies? Maybe it has something to do with those biolabs…” – Cindy Armstrong
“My savings, for which I have worked and sacrificed for decades, has been seriously diluted while we send billions of dollars all over the world.” – Jonathan Smythe
“Until the problems facing the citizens of the USA have been adequately addressed and work is being done to resolve the pain at home, not a single taxpayer dollar should be sent outside our country.” – Charles McCord
“We should not have funded this boondoggle in the first place. It appears this was just another way for the Biden’s and some of their cronies to grift… All at the expense of human lives! Absolutely disgusting!” – Deb Hillis
“Until the allies get together and develop a comprehensive strategy to settle the conflict, including sanctions on all the bad actors, no more American dollars. We need a Churchill leader, not a highly compromised spineless jellyfish, in charge of our country.” – Sandra Grove
“Why should taxpayer money be spent to protect a country’s borders when we cannot protect our own borders? We need to put our own house in order first.” – Steve Sullivan
“I voted ‘No’, but I do think the USA should provide aid (under strict public scrutiny) to the UKR Resistance. It should also come with a requirement to negotiate an armistice with Russia.” – Jason Kerr
“If we are not in the war to win, then we should get out.” – Anette Bennett
“Stop funding this war since it’ll lead to WWIII, it’s a reckless aid more aimed at getting rid of Putin, the US has no business being there.” – Rachel Salajean
“The United States government cannot pay its own bills, nor has it shown any interest in securing our borders. We should never have been involved with Ukraine!” – Kent Kirby
“We shouldn’t have sent money to Ukraine to begin with since we have so many of our own problems here at home. Sending billions to Ukraine while our border remains open is sticking the finger to America First!” – Gail Hanna
“Voting to continue Ukraine war funding was a bit painful, but correct. However, our support must be based on a WINNING principle!” – H. J. Bronson
“Funding the Ukraine war amounts to our taxpayer dollars being laundered and ending up in the hands of the elite. None of these funds help the Ukrainian people.” – Sylvia McLeod
“This has to be the biggest money laundering scheme since the beginning of time. What I want to see is a full and complete accounting of the money that’s been sent over and find out how much came back.” – Rick Goncher
“I hate to spend money, but this is necessary. I believe we should be doing this as more of a lease program where at some point we get some of the monies back.” – Wayne Crist
“I’m old enough to remember when $5B to build a border wall was out of the question by Congress. But $175B to Ukraine to defend theirs is perfectly fine? Imagine what $175B could have done for US border security.” – Kimery McKaskle
“Just think how much more secure our border would be if the cadaver-in-chief had spent that money on a wall and deporting illegals!” – Priscilla Love
“It’s much better to ‘fight’ the enemy on their soil than on ours.” – Tony Casper

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