Last week, 43 Republican members of the Texas House signed on to the “Texas Commitment,” promising action on policy items that the GOP-dominated legislature has ignored for years. Of those Republican legislators, it is reported that 26 still support allowing Democrats to hold committee chairmanships in the chamber.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Democrats should be appointed to chair committees overseeing state policy in the GOP-dominated House.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Plain and simple, it is really stupid to appoint the opposition a chair position.” – Wayne CristIf Republicans are going to allow Democrats to run the legislature, then why do we have or require a Republican Party?

“We have to work together. Texas is a two-party state, and we must keep it that way. What if the Democrats win and want to block Republicans from committee leadership? Share your toys and work together!” – Elizabeth Hilburn

“What’s the point of electing Republicans if they, in turn, allow Democrats to determine what legislation comes to the floor?” – Lloyd Smith

“I know Democrats are basically good people, but they don’t agree with any Republican ideals; therefore, Democrat chairpersons should never be allowed.” – Barbara McClure

“Republican voters need to figure out the difference between a conservative and a Luke warm right of center uniparty Republicrat. It seems that everyone that runs as a Republican in Texas claims the title of conservative, but here we are with twenty-six showing their true colors, and those colors are not conservative. Some of the Republican voters need to get a study guide.” – Mike Masterson

“Those members who vote to allow Democrat chairs will be the next target in 2026. The true conservative voters in Texas have had enough!” – Tina Bartley

“The balance of power helps to keep zealots in both parties in check. Democrat centrists as committee chairs, who are selected by Republicans anyway, is a necessary pill to swallow.” – Steve Cox

“The Republican Party of Texas leadership needs to take action against any representatives that supports this ‘Commitment,’ which is the Austin establishment’s rejection of the people’s voice and an attempt to hold on to power.” – ji Andre

“Allowing Democrats to be Chairs of committees is essentially nullifying the GOP majority.” – Kenneth Gardner

“If the Democrats ever elect a Speaker in the Texas house, how will the GOP members feel about being shut out not because of the content of their character, but because of the color of their convictions?” – Neville Newman

“No means no means no! Not gonna change.” – Julie McCarty

“Looks like we have 26 more RINOs to primary. Good of them to identify themselves.” – David Peters

“Too long have we allowed our Republican legislators to continue to ignore the grassroots, the party, and the majority of voters so that they can have power and have their pockets lined with other people’s money.” – Tobie Hall

“The Republican voters have spoken stating we don’t want democrats heading up committees. The people voted into office should represent the people instead of their personal agendas. When will this nonsense end?” – Sandi Stephens

“What’s the point of having a Party and a Platform if you let people with opposite platforms have the power?” – Kathy Parker

“Why appoint Democrats? We have enough ‘Phelan’ Republicans to keep the state in flux.” – Joe Zimmer, San Antonio, TX

“No! ‘DemoRats’ should not be allowed to chair committees in a ‘Republican’ -controlled chamber, just as the “DemoRats’ would not share power if they were in control.” – Jeff Holle

“I don’t understand why this is an issue. It’s totally naive to assume Republicans would receive the same consideration should (God forbid) the Democrats take control.” – Cindy Armstrong

“Elections (should) have consequences…” – Charles McCord

“This is a no-brainer! What is the point of electing Republicans only to put Democrats in charge?” – Sandra Ludwig

“There is no reason why someone running on the Republican ticket should ever be in favor of Democrats chairing anything.” – Carroll Knight

“I am so sick of these meal-mouthed Republicans who run for office, get in, and then do their own thing rather than what they were voted to do.” – James Ijames

“If Republicans are going to allow Democrats to run the legislature, then why do we have or require a Republican Party?” – David Theis, Jr.

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