The Biden administration recently unveiled a rewrite of Title IX. Originally designed to stop sex discrimination in education, the rewrite forces schools to allow biological males to use girls’ spaces—such as locker rooms and bathrooms—or lose federal funding.

Gov. Greg Abbott has instructed the Texas Education Agency to oppose the Title IX rewrite, Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the administration, and some local school districts have announced they will ignore the federal dictate.

We asked readers if they thought opposing Title IX was worth losing federal education money and possibly drawing a federal lawsuit against local school districts.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“We as citizens have to stand up for our childrens and young adults right’s. Our young adults are worth more than the Federal money.
We have to save them from such evil.” – Deanna Skoglun
“As the mother of a former (graduated) collegiate female swimmer…. We must absolutely protect the girls.” – Dawn Gerstenberger
“How can something so obvious (like sexual identity) be so controversial? Common sense is not common in our society. Ignore unjust laws and do what is right.” – Thomas Camardo
“Yes, it is worth losing these funds if it protects children. The people promoting such nonsense are deranged, evil people.” – Molly Gail
“It is unsafe and morally wrong to allow boys to use girls’ showers and dressing areas, so we definitely need to ignore Biden’s program. Our schools will do better without federal funds and control.” – Sandi Stephens
“The Federal government has taken away a right of the states by bribing the schools with education funds. They have set ‘standards’ that have slowly turned our public schools into indoctrination centers. It is time to take a stand and refuse their bribes. Texas is the state that needs to set an example for other states and bring morals and integrity back to our schools.” – Herbert Richards
“In the 70s, we fought very hard for women’s equality in sports. Why allow a misguided and perverted policy to destroy this right?” – Angelika Hoeher
“I remember when Title IX was passed.  All that hard work was useless if you let men compete with women. What was the point? “ – Debra Davis
“Tell the federal government to take their money and shove it!” – Fran Rhodes
“The 9th and 10th amendments clearly forbid federal programs like Title IX specifically, and the federal Department of Education in general.  If the regulation is unconstitutional, and the department over the execution of said regulation is unconstitutional, then the re-write of the regulation must be unconstitutional.” – Chris Breaux
“God’s Word trumps federal law, y’all!” – Lillian Sheriff
“The Texas schools should ignore everything Biden does.  He is not of sound mind.” – Nancy Wood
“It’s like candy: Nut / No Nuts. If they aren’t an actual girl out of the womb, they have no business competing against women. Tell me again, who of us has a war on women?” – Rick Goncher
“Funny how my parents were against Texas schools taking federal money back on the sixties. That slippery slope got us to where we are now. No wonder private and homeschooling is exploding.” – Belinda Stanley
“Since the feds have lost all sense of rationale, we must step in and protect our children from the ‘inmates in charge of the asylum’!” – Priscilla Love
“It is a scientific fact: males are bigger, stronger, and faster than females. That is why females are not demanding they be allowed to play against males. Title IX rewrite only applies to males who want to compete against females because they are inferior to other males.” – Steve Sullivan
“It’s definitely time to stand up for what is right. If that means losing federal funding, so be it. More money is not going to solve our public school issues anyway. Money can’t buy respect, honor, discipline, integrity, grit, or a true thirst for knowledge.” – Karen Breazeale
“At every possible opportunity, Texas must distance itself from the Federal behemoth.  Reject the ‘carrot’ of Federal funding because it always comes with the ‘stick’ of one-size-fits-all bad public policy.” – Steven Howell

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