Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) went to a liberal fundraiser this past weekend and spoke dismissively of grassroots concerns about election security. In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked if readers thought Republican lawmakers should allow Phelan to continue serving in that role.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“Dade Phelan is an undocumented Democrat.“ – Madeleine Myers

“Speaker Phelan has proved over and over that he does not speak for conservative Republicans! I hope he will be replaced promptly but someone who is not a Rino.” – Cathy Blake

“With ‘friends’ like Dade Phalen, who needs enemies?” – Dennis Hill

“If Speaker Phelan really believes the 2020 election did not have significant fraud then he should sponsor legislation that would once again make our electoral process open to the public. … The only aspect of the election that should be secret is the marking of the secret ballot by each individual voter.” – Kurt Hyde

“You are wrong. Election security is a fake issue for the nut cases obsessed with the loss of the White House in a fair election.” – Edward Lowenberg

“Various sources published plenty of evidence of election fraud that took place 2020. Anyone who dismisses the idea that such fraud happened is either willfully ignorant or lying about it. In no way does such person deserve to hold public office, much less a position of higher authority.” – Rick Mayforth

“Without the unanimous support of the House Democrats, Phelan would just be another unknown Republican back bencher.  However, as Speaker, he is the Texas equivalent of Liz Cheney, and should be replaced at the next session of the Legislature.” – Rowland Greenwade

“Unfortunately, Dade Phelan appears to be a Democrat in Republican’s clothing. At a fundraiser for Texas Tribune? Asserts there was no election fraud in 2020? He goes against everything his party feels is important – please, no more Phelan as Texas Speaker!” – Andra Haney

“I started saying Phelan should be replaced last January.” – Gary Hunt

“As one who led rallies and protests and campaigns against Speaker Straus…and Speaker Bonnen…and now Speaker Phelan…I recognize we must continue the fight, but I wonder if the Reps voting for these yahoos aren’t better targets. I betcha if they’re disloyal enough to vote for Phelan, there are plenty of other skeletons in their closets we can expose.” – Julie McCarty

“Phelan is just one of the reasons I do not contribute to the Republican Party any longer.  He needs to be drummed out of the legislature and those that vote for him as speaker need to go out with him.” – Bill Calvert

“Phelan is a wolf in sheets clothing, and I’ve been saying this for a long time!  He is not a conservative Republican!” – Donna de Socarraz

“The Texas GOP must adopt rules that ensure the Republican majority selects the House Speaker, not Democrats. Moreover, in a Republican dominated legislature, Democrats should not chair legislative committees.” – Don Estes

“Dade is a Democrat posing as a Republican.  He should never have been handed the reigns of power.  Sack him now.” – Randy Hartman

“Dade Phelan should not be re-elected as Speaker, not only because of his ignorant statement about the 2020 election, but because he has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard of the Republican Party of Texas’ legislative priorities and for the very people he was elected to SERVE.” – Jeff Kroyer

“Phelan’s claim that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen and that there is no evidence that it was – just shows that he is a full-blown liar.” – Alice Jordan

“Phelan should be the litmus test for any candidate.  If the candidate voted for or states he/she will vote for or support Phelan to remain Speaker, then don’t vote for that candidate.” – Jason Kerr

“He’s Dade Fail ’em. It’s all in the name!” – Jay Westfall

“I have had grave concerns about Dade Phelan for a very long time… and I am from his district.  In my opinion he has never espoused true conservative values.  We need to get someone who is truly conservative.” – David Barton

“Dade Phelan is a joke, he’s like Liz Cheney and  Lisa Murkowski, hiding behind the R in Republican and cares only about his own  personal and family wealth while ignoring his constituents and the Texas Republican Party‘s  goals and values. He needs to be shown the door.” – Landon Capozzi

“As long as Republicans allow the democrats to also have a vote, we will continue seeing RINOs like Phelan as Speaker.” – Ken Hodges

“The last thing this state needs is another RINO in charge.” – Greg Burr

“Dade Phelan is the epitome of a failed policy maker. We must change the way Texas is governed, and now!” – Gene Klutts

“Dade Phelan is a Democrat with an R by his name.  I truly cannot understand how a ‘Republican’ controlled House allows this to go on!” – David Leese

“Republican voters cast all but wasted ballots when con men like Dade Phelan are later chosen by Texas House members to serve as ‘Speaker.’ Whatever else Phelan may be, Republican is not one of them.” – Jack Boteler

“Dade Phelan is showing his true colors. He was always a Democrat who was savvy enough to know he could only be elected if he ran as a Republican. There likely are others.” — Ken Marx

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