The Biden administration is considering a proposed “Pandemic Agreement” from the World Health Organization that would give the international entity the authority to dictate policy to the states in the event of another “pandemic.” Gov. Greg Abbott and 23 other Republican governors are opposing it.

Yesterday, we asked readers if WHO should be given more power over federal and state policies during a medical emergency.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“The WHO shouldn’t be responsible for running a Lemonade Stand!” – Gerry Cocco
“We absolutely do not need globalists telling us what to do.” – Cindy Armstrong
“Texas and America must never compromise our sovereignty.” – Duaine Goulding
“What idiot in their right mind would even let this be considered — oh right, we’re talking Joe Biden, the poster boy for an idiot not in his right mind.” – Ed Scruggs
“We should never give up our God-given rights to anyone that cannot be held accountable to We, the People.” – Sheila Fox Tanksley
“I, for the most part, do not trust my own government, let alone some other ‘world’ organization run by people with who-knows-what motives. Remember, Fauci lied, and people died. He and WHO should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.” – Garry Ludwig
“No, no, no, no… to the World Health Organization.” – Nancy Wood
“We need to create a border wall to keep WHO out of Texas and the U.S. All part of the New World (Dis)Order.” – Mark Bigley
“The WHO is certain to declare a ‘climate emergency’ that exists in their fevered minds and will impose draconian measures totally out of sync with our Constitution.” – Micheal Nash
“The US should remove itself from the WHO and WEF immediately. These organizations are trying to take away our sovereignty.” – Margie McAllister
“No, we should not give up our sovereignty to unelected, unqualified, and un-American socialists/Marxists that don’t have a clue what ‘freedom’ and natural-born American citizenry means. We will not comply!” – Ruben Salinas
“We need to kick the UN out of America, and especially out of Texas! WHO needs to go home…. Texans are very capable of handling our own health issues and strategies!” – Brenda Schwartz
“If agreed to, EVERYTHING will be a crisis!” – Bob Davis
“We saw how the WHO handled the last medical crisis, not to mention they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar in Wuhan where the pandemic originated. We should never trust their judgment when it comes to medical management.” – Susan Valliant
“No entity outside our country should have any authority over anything!” – Monnie Pennington
“Get the UN out of the US, and the US out of the UN.” – Chris Breaux
“The WHO was involved with the Wuhan lab coverup fiasco, and we are considering giving them this kind of power… ARE WE CRAZY?” – Charles Koenig III
“True Texans will not comply.” – Randy Miller
“Remember Covid? Need I say more?!” – Kathy Freedlun

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