President Donald Trump has reportedly said that if he is reelected this fall, he will send kill teams to enter Mexico and target cartel leaders.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they agreed with this policy.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“As much as I would like to see the cartels taken down, this would set a dangerous prescience in regards to respecting the national sovereignty of other countries. Of course, on the other hand, the Mexican government is disrespecting our sovereignty by not controlling the flow of immigrants and the lawless acts against us by the cartels.” – Richard Cole

“Whatever it takes to secure our border. Period.” – Dawn Gerstenberger

“I think it would be a good start.” – Jim Moyer

“It would be great to have an administration that’s at war with someone other than the citizens of this country. Absolutely go after them and couple it with mass deportation or incarceration for drug dealers.” – Rick Goncher

“I think it’s a great idea! The cartels show no mercy for anyone! It’s all money, money, money! In the meantime, they don’t respect our borders or our children.” – Wanda Wilcox

“If you don’t kill and cut the head off a snake, soon you have more and larger snakes.” – Danny Thompson

“Trump is absolutely correct to insist that the cartel leaders be killed!” – Roger Taylor

“Well…how different would this be from our military killing the Taliban leaders? Or other terrorist leaders overseas? The cartels are doing evil things at our southern border and inside America as well. Do we have a right to defend ourselves from them?” – Dana Krasinski

“We need to do SOMETHING to help stop drug and human trafficking!” – Priscilla Love

“I spent 23 years in the military and understand the urge. However, we talk about the sovereignty of our nation, we can not violate that of another nation. Now, if Mexico gives permission, then I am all for it.” – Greg Reinhart

“Mexico is a sovereign country, that would be considered an invasion.” – Cheri Mertens

“The better option, in my opinion, would be to bring them up on federal charges for human trafficking, or complicit in the deaths due to the fentanyl overdoses. Once that’s done, create a team to go into Mexico and bring them out to stand trial. The death penalty would be a bonus.” – Gilbert Hoelscher

“This idea sounds too extreme, but living, literally, on the border, this is a practical and necessary solution. The Mexican government cannot control the cartels. In fact, the cartels have complete control in many parts of Mexico. The cartels are at war with our families, especially the young and vulnerable members of our families because of their drug distribution.” – Dorothy Strachan

“This is war, and it’s high time the federal government acts accordingly. We need to send the Mexican government the bill when it is done.” – Thomas Camardo

“I’ve said this for years. Violence must be met with violence. As the lead members are taken out, After a few rounds, others will be reluctant to step into that position.” – Cathy Hess

“The USA needs to stop interfering in other countries’s affairs and definitely needs to stop invading with our armed forces. Even if Mexico invites us to do so (which I doubt would be the case, as is the case currently in Niger and Syria—we remain in those two countries, UNINVITED, even though they have explicitly asked us to leave), our answer should be no.” – Hilda Maria

“ I think the Mexican government will be glad for the assist. Yes, kill them. They rule the cartel that way. That is the only thing they understand. Their only out should be to roll over on their US enablers.” – Louis Strohacker

“The cartels are funded by our (unconstitutional) drug laws. We wag our fingers at Mexico while our holier-than-thou attitude is the root of the problem.” – Alton Moore

“Mexican Drug Cartels are likely the largest terrorist organizations in the world, yet they operate freely by two corrupt governments. Both Mexico and the United States.” – Zack Dunnam

“I have always had the understanding that the Mexican cartel was, on all counts, foreign terrorists. So, in all actuality, they should be treated as such. They have no problem with killing people whether it is through drugs, trafficking, or assassination at the border or on American soil.” – Michelle Rinard

“There is a bright line that we must not cross! Once we begin to condone assassinations, we head down a path of retribution, retaliation, and revenge that has no end. Capture and convict through due process is the higher road to travel.” – Arthur Potter

“Assassinating cartel leaders would be an exercise in futility. \Someone else would just step up and take over operations. It would be like the Hydra – cut off one head, and two more would take its place.” – Christy Collins

“Sending assassination teams across international borders is a good way to start a war, and probably illegal according to international law.  We certainly wouldn’t want cartels doing that to Americans.” – Mac White

“I disagree with President Trump’s idea of going into Mexico to target and kill heads of cartel.  That idea is un-American. Just as we have sovereignty of our country, so do they.  That, in my mind, would be considered an act of war. I am absolutely against cartels, but as I stated above, that is another country. A better idea is to seal off the border and sever commerce with Mexico. Punish them economically until they do something about the cartel problem.” – Nita Sergent

“The Mexican government is allowing people to cross their borders and then our borders. The cartels control the government officials. We must cut off the head of the snake. We’ve done it before in several countries why not Mexico?” – Steve Sullivan

“I’m generally in agreement with Trump on matters of governmental policy, but this is not something I would be comfortable with. It seems like vigilante justice and would not stop the flow of drugs into America. Closing the border should be prioritized above all else.” – David Arnett

“The cartels are guilty of the death of many Americans. We didn’t start this. They did!” – Glenda Piacenti

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