Texas is still operating under a “state of emergency” regarding the Chinese coronavirus, with Gov. Greg Abbott re-upping his declaration every month since March 13, 2020. In the Texas Minute for Aug. 2, 2022, we asked readers if Gov. Abbott should stop the emergency declarations.

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  • “It’s ridiculous to have a COVID emergency but not an invasion emergency.” – Laura Morton

  • “Apparently it is a Permergency.” – Michael Geller

  • “‘Emergencies’ are the classic excuse for executive overreach. Not only should Abbott cancel his nonsensical COVID declaration, the Legislature should carefully limit the circumstances under which an ‘emergency’ of any kind may be declared or extended. If I want a nanny, I will hire one.” – Bob Bettac

  • “Someone needs to tell Abbott that DeSantis lifted the order in FL in June 2021 and is coasting to re-election. So it is probably safe for our ‘fearless’ governor to do the same.” – Scott Fogleman

  • “The real question is why does Gov. Abbott keep extending the emergency order when there clearly is no emergency? He wants to be part of the DC swamp? He gets federal money?” – Virginia Choate

  • “We are being invaded by people with unknown health conditions.  That’s the emergency!” – Rusty Sheffield

  • “I think most everyone in Texas knows that the Covid ‘emergency’ is over, EXCEPT our governor!! Maybe he ought to get out and mingle with us ‘little people’ more.” – Charlene Roberson

  • “‘Tis time the legislature limited this unlimited oppression on the population of our great state!  By the time this gets repaired, we will be pushing 3 years on this two-week boondoggle (cue up the theme song for ‘Gilligan’s Island’). – Arthur Potter

  • “What I would give for a governor like Ron DeSantis.” – Reed Vestal

  • “It’s obvious ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ in this case and disheartening the Texas Senate is doing nothing about it! Where are the checks and balances?” – Carol Bradford

  • “Gov. Greg Abbott’s continued extensions of his powers now look like either a willful disregard of the facts that most have already admitted to themselves or ulterior motives that do not help Texas but rather Greg Abbott. Or more likely, both. His priorities are out of order!” – Aaron Longbottom

  • “Governor Abbott should stop wielding undue authority over Texans and focus his efforts on the invasion of our border to protect Texans.” – Ken Bintliff

  • “Abbott is acting more and more like a power-hungry Democrat. He spends tax dollars with nothing to show for it and neglects the real issues. He talks a good game but just can’t actually get the job done. Are we sure DeSantis couldn’t be Governor of Texas also?” – Steve Sullivan

  • “Abbott has used this ‘emergency’ to grab power and circumvent the Legislature and the citizens of Texas.” – Jason Kerr

  • “Not only should the emergency COVID declaration end, it should not have been invoked in the first place, and certainly should have ended after one month.” – Philip Johnson

  • “Declaration of a state of emergency should be limited to a 30-day ruling. Any extensions or new emergency declarations within a one-year time frame [should] result in an automatic 30-day recall of the Texas Legislature, with the primary focus being the state of emergency!” – Danny Lee

  • “There never was an emergency. If one is sick, they stay home. That’s the way it’s worked forever. This was nothing more than a socialist power grab!” – Bob Davis

  • “There is only an ‘emergency’ if people choose to believe a COVID emergency exists. The DEMs have gotten a lot of mileage using the fear of COVID as a means to control the American people! … I honestly can’t understand why Gov. Abbott doesn’t end the ‘state of emergency’ in Texas.” – Kathy Fisher
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