The Texas Republican Primary election will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. We asked which of the 14 declared candidates would most likely win readers’ neighborhoods.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“While I believe that my neighborhood would likely lean towards DeSantis, and I have not much against him as governor, I believe that Trump is more likely to win nationwide and is also better on the issues.” – Johann Sanford
“So many unknowns in a forest of also-rans. Trump is the name everyone knows, DeSantis is probably the best candidate, but anyone would be better than the current administration.” – Arthur Potter
“I chose Donald Trump as the winner in my neighborhood. He is NOT my choice. I am suffering mightily from Trump fatigue, but I think my neighbors would vote for him.” – Martha Rhoades
“If the Republican Primary were held today, the unquestioned winner would be Donald Trump.  Trump has led the entire field of candidates by double digits since the start of primary season and based on signs around my rural neighborhood he is heavily supported in Montgomery County, Texas.” – Michael Edinburgh
“I believe Donald Trump would win among Republicans in my area. I am leaning toward Vivek Ramaswamy.” – Debra Davis
“The amazing Vivek Ramaswamy – my neighborhood has numerous Asian Indian-Americans, and Vivek is the real deal with no political baggage.” – Tim Rhodes
“I chose DeSantis for Highland Park although it could easily be Trump. Personally, I like Ramaswamy, then DeSantis, and then Trump. All would be acceptable candidates…” – Spencer Siino
“While I think Donald Trump would likely win in my neighborhood, my personal pick would be between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.” – Carol Winter
“Donald Trump gets my vote. Only one of the bunch that has a proven track record that he can get things done.” – Danny Thompson 
“I think Trump has and will maintain the edge, strongly. None of the other candidates have a compelling argument.  Desantis gives me pause. Too much evidence that he is likely another establishment hack.” – Roger Taylor
“There’s really one candidate who I hope Texans vote for and that’s Trump. The rest are just there to stop his nomination.” – Rachel Salajean
“Nikki Haley would probably win my neighborhood. Of course, I live in central Austin.” – Adam Cahn
“I am guessing that the few of us Republicans in my neighborhood would vote for Trump, given his proven record.  None of the other candidates have name recognition, except for DeSantis – so I think he would be a close second.” – Nancy Fowler
“I live in a solidly Republican precinct in the Houston suburbs. Not sure who will get the most votes in March but it won’t be Trump. People I talk to are very disappointed with him and want someone younger who is focused on the future.” – David Holden
“I don’t really know how my neighbors will vote, but I hope they will support Gov. Ron DeSantis. He has the best chance of defeating the Democrats, and then building a competent administration like he has in Florida.” – Jerry Harben
“I live out in the country where there are Trump flags flying. However, when I come into the city (San Antonio) on weekends, the enclave of Alamo Heights is rather ‘progressive,’ unfortunately.” – Steve Lozano
“Since this survey is asking who I believe would win in my neighborhood, I would have to say, Donald Trump. I have already seen numerous TRUMP signs, flags, etc. being displayed throughout the neighborhood, and not one for the opponents. It is still early but I believe this does make a statement.” – David Barton
“I think many neighbors would choose Ron DeSantis. I am really hoping for a general election between governors – DeSantis vs Newsome. I think a clear choice between the philosophies of governance between the two Disney states would be good for our nation.” – Hanslin Peterson

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