With the border crisis continuing to spiral out of control, the Biden administration has made an on-paper effort to “secure the border.” 

Some leaders in Texas, including Gov. Greg Abbott, call it a hollow gesture timed before the general election. 

Yesterday, the White House announced that President Joe Biden’s executive actions will restrict aliens who illegally cross the border from receiving asylum.

The ban on asylum for illegal aliens authorizes law enforcement to arrest and deport foreign nationals who illegally cross the border. However, these measures only take effect when encounters exceed 2,500 per day for one week. 

According to U.S. News & World Report, the measures went into effect this morning at 12:01 a.m. because the current average is already more than that. 

“Biden’s announcement today does nothing to secure the border,” Gov. Greg Abbott posted on X yesterday. “It actually AUTHORIZES 2,500 aliens to cross illegally & provides an enticement that will attract even more illegal immigrants. He’s just trying to hoodwink Americans to think he’s taking action before the election.” 

The restrictions and limitations on entry will not apply to aliens who enter the U.S. at designated ports of entry using the CBP One mobile app—which is already one of the major ploys used to usher illegal aliens into the country. 

Minors are also exempt from the restrictions—allowing for the possibility of increased child sex trafficking. 

“President Biden believes we must secure our border. That is why today, he announced executive actions to bar migrants who cross our Southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum,” the Biden administration stated. 

Abbott referenced Biden’s January 2021 termination of border wall funding. “This is what Biden did on day one as president,” he said. “Now, after more than 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border, Biden issues a new executive order that does exactly nothing to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border.

“He thinks that Americans are stupid,” Abbott concluded. 

Both the administration and this executive action have been subject to fierce and relentless criticism for doing absolutely nothing to secure the border. 

U.S. Representatives from Texas also blasted Biden for the new border measures. 

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-21) said, “Biden’s laughable Executive Order (that allows 2500 crossings a day) is an affront to Texans taking it on the chin for three and a half years while they sat on their hands. Don’t buy the gaslighting narratives.” 

U.S. Rep. August Pfluger (R-11) posted on X yesterday, “I’m not afraid to say the quiet part out loud: Joe Biden is ONLY pretending to secure the border to boost his falling poll numbers.”

“He watched our border spiral into complete chaos and chose to take No action for YEARS. His policies made this crisis WORSE at every turn,” he continued. 

Pfluger concluded by noting, “He watched Americans lose their lives and terrorists walk across the open border, but only a potential election loss got Biden to admit he should fix the crisis he created.”

U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud (R-27) posted that “Joe Biden’s so-called ‘tough’ border stance is a smokescreen for his ongoing invasion at our Southern Border. The correct number of illegals allowed into the U.S. per year is ZERO.” 

The Trump campaign also released an announcement, explaining Biden’s executive order is not focused on securing the border. Rather, it is aimed at barring illegal aliens from amnesty. 

“The border invasion and migrant crime will not stop until Crooked Joe Biden is deported from the White House,” stated the Trump Campaign’s National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt.

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.