Currently, Baylor’s chapter of Turning Point USA is in the 20th week of what was supposed to be a 6 to 8-week charter application process. Turning Point USA is currently the only proposed student organization at Baylor experiencing such a delay.

According to a Baylor Lariat interview with Matt Burchett, Director of Student Activities, fifteen new student organizations were chartered at Baylor during the Spring 2018 semester.

As Burchett told the Lariat: “The chartering of fifteen new organizations this semester and the ongoing interest to bring new and diverse involvement opportunities to our campus helps our community provide pathways for belonging and connection at Baylor.”

During a meeting between Turning Point USA, Baylor Secretary Ben Allen, and Associate Director for Student Involvement Craig Willie, it was revealed by Willie that administrative departments like Multicultural Affairs and Spiritual Life have significant input in the charter-review process, which Is likely the reason for the delay.

This is cause for concern, as many of these departments have an inherent left-wing bias. Both administrative departments referenced have been the chief perpetrators of left-wing bias at Baylor.

Multicultural Affairs, which exists solely to promote identity politics, is essentially a propaganda arm for diversity bureaucrats. According to a Community Leader (CL) who spoke on condition of anonymity, Multicultural Affairs gave a training session to all CLs in which they played a video from MSNBC about the “Trump Effect,” which lamented the supposedly horrible consequences of President Donald Trump’s election for minorities.

Meanwhile, Spiritual Life propagates similar narratives. Recently the department distributed a T-shirt with the phrase “We Support Refugees” and a flyer that read “Respect for Identities.” According to that same CL, materials like this are regularly provided for distribution to residents.

Both of these departments heavily pushed a forum called “THIS Matters,” which is little more than a university-sponsored promotion of left-wing politics.

According to the web page for the event, some previously addressed topics include “Hypermasculinity,” “Racial Relationships in the Era of Trump,” “#MeToo,” “My Culture is Not a Costume,” and other controversial topics

If what Willie said is correct, and charter approval hinges on the feedback received from departments like Multicultural Affairs and Spiritual Life, then all conservative student organizations have had the deck stacked against them from the beginning.

A conservative organization can have a large member roster, comply with all of the paperwork, have well-respected professors in their corner, and still be left waiting or denied a charter because of Baylor University administration’s hostility towards conservative ideas.

Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller is a lifelong Texan and a student at Baylor University. A part of the University Scholars honors program, he is triple majoring in History, Political Science, and Philosophy. Zachary is currently a contributor at Lone Conservative and a Fellow at Empower Texans.