Despite being allegedly run by Republican Mayor Betsy Price, the City of Fort Worth is creating an entire left-wing “Diversity and Inclusion Department.”

And she’s hiring a staffer from Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigeig to run it.

On Thursday, Price was “thrilled to announce” on Facebook that the City of Fort Worth had hired Christina Brooks to run the newly-created department.

Christina Brooks is a “dynamic leader who deeply understands how to create, successfully run, and foster meaningful change throughout the city,” said Price in her official statement.

The Christina Brooks to which Price is referring currently works as the Diversity and Inclusion officer for South Bend, Indiana where she was hired in May of 2016 by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay and liberal Democrat currently campaigning for the president.

Federal campaign donation records reveal Brooks is an active Democrat—making six donations to Hillary Clinton in her campaign against Donald Trump. Brooks has made five donations to Democrat candidates just this year through the Democrat fundraising platform ActBlue.

According to Price’s statement, Brooks will be bringing those Democrat values to the “entire city.”

“Brooks’ role is not confined to one singular department, but instead she will lead the entire city in the implementation of policies that ensure we focus on diversity and inclusion in every department and decision…I personally cannot wait to welcome her to Fort Worth,” she added.

According to the budget unanimously passed by Price and the Fort Worth City Council earlier this year, $942,000 has been allocated for the “Department of Diversity and Inclusion” which is planned to have 14 full-time employees.

From the City Budget:

“The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Department is to cultivate an inclusive work environment, pursue equity in municipal service delivery and distribution of resources, eliminate barriers to access, and to protect and promote human rights and equal opportunity for all populations.


This mission is accomplished through the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic focus on initiatives and efforts to identify racial disparities, and address and eliminate systemic barriers, in the delivery of municipal services; through the development and integregation [sic] of an Equity Policy that promotes diversity and inclusion and ensures equitable access in the delivery of services and resources; through the development and implementation of programs and initiatives that promote cultural awarness [sic] and inclusion; and, through the enforcement of anti discrimination laws that protect our residents in employment, housing and places of public accommodation.”

To recap, Republican Mayor Betsy Price spearheaded an initiative to bring “diversity and inclusion” to Fort Worth, she hired an active Democrat donor and activist away from Indiana to run it, and is going to entrust her with nearly $1 million in resources and 14 full-time employees.

Is Betsy Price using taxpayer dollars to turn Tarrant County blue?

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the executive director of Texans for Strong Borders, a no-compromise non-profit dedicated to restoring security and sovereignty to the citizens of the Lone Star State. For more information visit