Unions are unions, whatever they call themselves and whatever their industry. While they might have once served a legitimate function, unions today are drains on our economy and every sector of endeavor. Government is no different. In the Fort Worth suburb of Southlake, the police are trying to unionize (they call it implementing “civil service” rules), which requires a public vote this month. Not only will public service not improve, but for the pleasure of turning the police into union thugs, taxpayers will shell out an additional $10,000 per officer.

Under state law, the city has to hold a “civil service” election. If adopted, the city would be forced under state law to change things like how much vacation time police officers and firefighters are given, how quickly sick leave accumulates, and how much cash they get should they leave their jobs.

Even the Fort Worth Star Telegram knows this is a bad idea. Their editorial board wrote that the city “already has reasonable arrangements on those issues.”