Dallas citizens triumphed against an attempt by Black Lives Matter—led by controversial “defund police” activist Dominique Alexander—to disrupt their Back the Blue rally. Citizens cheered as calls were issued to hold the Dallas City Council responsible for “defunding the police.”

Friday evening, Dallas citizens gathered in front of city hall at the Keep Dallas Safe rally in response to the council’s actions on September 23, when a majority of council voted to raid $7 million of taxpayer money from the Dallas police overtime budget. Only Mayor Eric Johnson and Councilmembers Mendelsohn, McGough, Gates voted no.

Amid citizen outcries, council altered course from their original plans and budgeted over $3.8 million of the $7 million towards hiring 95 civilians to move an equal number of sworn police officers from desk work to patrol.

For a number of citizens, this wasn’t enough, and Keep Dallas Safe (an organization supporting the police) issued a call for citizens to run for office. Friday evening, KDS held their Back the Blue rally and amplified the citizens’ voices.

KDS hosted speakers like Fabian Cordova Vazquez, Republican candidate for Congressional District 33; Elva Camacho, Republican candidate for State Representative District 90; Keenan Williams of the Trump presidential campaign; and grassroots activist Carlos Turcios.

Real estate journalist Candace Evans also spoke in support of the police and announced she’s running for Dallas City Council District 11, a seat currently held by outgoing Councilman Lee Kleinman.

“We’re gathered here to show the city council, who continue to vote against the interests of the citizens of Dallas, that we’re watching, we’re paying attention, and we will not stand for it,” KDS spokesperson Amy Gibson told the crowd.

“We know, regardless [of the] outcome of this presidential election, we can expect unrest,” she added, asking about council’s plan to respond.

At 8:09 p.m., a group of nearly 20 appeared, shouting, “Black Lives Matter.” They brought a bullhorn to amplify their voices and attempted to disrupt the rally by using a variety of sirens, as well as shouting, “Black Lives Matter,” “Defund DPD,” and “No Trump, No KKK, No Racist USA.”

It appeared that Dominique Alexander was leading the BLM disruptors. Alexander has a long, controversial history with Dallas city and county politics, and he was involved in the protests-turned-riots in Dallas this year.


Alexander’s BLM disruption attempt failed as citizens continued with their peaceful rally, which ended triumphantly when grassroots leader Troy Jackson took the stage.

“We cannot allow these kinds of decisions to be unpunished,” Jackson told citizens about Dallas City Council’s decision. “And by ‘punished,’ I mean removing from office.”

It’s time for you to listen to the voters. It’s time for you to listen to those of us who pay taxes. It’s time for you to listen to the people of Dallas!

Texas Scorecard asked some of the citizens at the rally if BLM’s actions that night made them more or less supportive of the organization.

“Probably less, but it’s the American right to do it,” Alan replied. “They can be obnoxious as much as they want, but we came to have a rally. They want to do their rally? That’s fine.”

“Less supportive,” Juan Turcios said. “This is a good cause for the police, [and] we’re supporting the police. So, they are just interrupting our message. They’re not accomplishing anything. Their message is diminished by the way they behave.”

“Doesn’t phase me,” Chelsea answered. “They have a right to show up wherever they want to, just like we do.”

Texas Scorecard also asked citizens for a response to claims from members of Dallas City Council that their actions on police overtime were not defunding the police.

“Obviously, they’re taking money away from the Dallas Police Department budget,” Tim replied. “I don’t know what else you could call it.”

They’re defunding the police.

“They have defunded,” Lynn replied. “They have just [taken] money out of their pot and put it in another pot. And they told us in a meeting we had with Paula Blackmon, who is our city council member, that they were taking the money and they were going to spend it on street lights, illegal dumping … that doesn’t make the city safe.”

The reason they’re moving the 95 people out is because … the city council in 2010 told [Capt. Brown] to reallocate the people. So, he took 95 police officers off the street and put them behind a desk. So now, 10 years later, they’re telling him to get them off the desk and put them back out on the street.

“Paula [Blackmon] did not listen to us,” she added. “She told us to go bake cookies to show your support to the police department and deliver them.”

When asked if she’d vote for Blackmon again, Lynn said no, adding, “I didn’t vote for her to begin with.”

Concerned voters may contact the Dallas City Council and Mayor Johnson.

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Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.