The following is an email sent from conservative activist Julie McCarty to members of True Texas Project on January 24, 2020. 

Friends and fellow patriots,


I was reprimanded by one of those establishment types for letting loose on our county judge and commissioners. I guess my last email calling them filthy pigs was too salty for him. (He was clearly not aware of the choice words I’d deleted)! Prior to the email offering his unsolicited advice, I received over a dozen emails from you guys thanking me, so who to listen to??? Hmmm…


We’ve now received two excuses for why our County Commissioners and County Judge voted to bring in more refugees. First, they insist we need more refugees because they come with federal funding. What a short-sighted budget plan. We already know they cost us more than the federal government will ever pay because the vast majority never assimilate and stay on welfare for life. And let’s not forget the fact that FEDERAL DOLLARS ARE STILL OUR OWN MONEY BEING USED!!!!!!!! GEEZ…who elects these filthy pigs??? (Oops. I said it again.) Sorry. Not sorry.


And for the second excuse given, well, get a load of this…


If they didn’t, and if Abbott’s refusal is reversed, then Tarrant County may receive refugees and not get federal dollars for them.


So, refugees are just going to randomly show up on Tarrant County’s doorstep without knowledge or consent or planning by our county leadership? Seriously? That’s the fear?


If our commissioners have that little authority and that little knowledge of how to use it, if they are making decisions based on fear, if they are not willing and capable to get the answers needed to combat that fear, if they do not understand states’ rights, and if they are not there to fight on our behalf…


Why do we elect them?


Don’t you feel like we’re in good hands?


And yes, Commissioners and County Judge, I will continue to harp on this and I will continue to urge folks to contact you until you retract that ridiculous request and state that Tarrant County will not take any more refugees.


Folks — you know as well as I do, bringing in foreigners who will not assimilate and who will remain on welfare for life, who will bring in additional family members, who will have babies that get automatic citizenship and can then bring in more family, is not a sustainable plan. It is the #1 cause of America’s downfall (other than spiritual warfare, of course). Did we learn nothing from history?


If you’ve already contacted them, contact them again. If you’ve not already contacted them, no time like the present!


Tarrant County Commissioners
Phone: 817-884-1111 or 817-884-1195


Precinct 1 – Roy Charles Brooks


Precinct 2 – Devan Allen


Precinct 3 – Gary Fickes – (This is NE Tarrant)


Precinct 4 – J.D. Johnson


County Judge Glen Whitley – 817-884-1441 or contact form at…/coun…/contact-us-form.html


Julie McCarty, CEO
True Texas Project

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Julie McCarty

Julie is the CEO of True Texas Project. She has been featured multiple times on FOX News with Greta Van Susteren, particularly when NETTP filed a lawsuit against the IRS (and won), and she’s a favorite target for the liberal media to hate.


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