Controversy involving misappropriation of funds by Robert Lee city officials came to a head at last week’s city council meeting as multiple resignations were disputed, and heated altercations ensued.

According to media reports, tensions ran high as city officials discussed next steps after an investigation launched by the Coke County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of Mayor Allyson Crenshaw on charges of felony theft last month.

The investigation began earlier this year after the sheriff’s office received a tip from a Robert Lee city official alleging misappropriation of funds.

The embattled mayor was present at Tuesday’s city council meeting, where Mayor Pro Tem Brandi Brosh read off numerous allegations against City Secretary Crystal Blevins, which included a multitude of financial and audit-related violations.

The council then voted to fire Blevins, though some residents opposed the decision, and the city’s billing clerk offered her resignation.

But it didn’t end there. Robert Lee City Attorney Jeff Betty reportedly offered to resign as well if he wasn’t performing his job properly, which the city council rejected.

A resident then said Betty should leave, and Betty responded they should take the discussion “outside.” Interpreting Betty’s remark as a threat and hoping to de-escalate the situation, Coke County Sheriff Wayne McCutchen intervened, leading to an argument between Betty and McCutchen over the intent of the comment.

Betty also serves as the Tom Green County GOP chairman in San Angelo, where he is known for launching political tirades on social media and in local news media.

Editors note: Texas Scorecard was contacted by Mayor Allyson Crenshaw stating she had recused herself several weeks prior to the meeting from any business relating to Crystal Blevins, and was not involved in any employment related actions against Blevins. This article was updated to reflect that.

Texas Scorecard will continue to monitor this story for developments.

Matt Stringer

Matthew Stringer is from Odessa, TX and serves as a West Texas Correspondent for Texas Scorecard.