Dallas City Councilmember Omar Narvaez—one of the 11 who voted to cut the local police overtime budget last year—falsely advertised he had the endorsement of the Dallas Police Association. He does, however, have the endorsement of the Greater Dallas Black Police Association, whose president is an ally of Dominique Alexander, a controversial Black Lives Matter activist.

On April 19, District 6 city council candidate Wendi Macon posted a video of a man from Councilmember Narvaez’ campaign taking down a yard sign stating the Dallas Police and Firefighters had endorsed him.

While Dallas Firefighter’s Association President Jim McDade confirmed they had endorsed Narvaez, Mike Mata, president of the Dallas Police Association, told Texas Scorecard the DPA had not.

“We did not. And he was told to pull [the sign] down, and he did,” Mata said.

Narvaez was one of the 11 council members who voted to cut $7 million from the police overtime budget last September.

“Omar Narvaez actually chose to defund the Police,” Macon stated.

“I believe the people of the City of Dallas community are tired of misleading information and poor budget spending,” Macon wrote in her post. “My opponent Omar Narvaez demonstrated both of these today with posting misleading signs that were not credible or approved and had to be taken down.”

Omar claims City Hall needs experience but then intentionally misleads the community with false information. Not a great demonstration of the positive experience we need in our City.

Texas Scorecard sent a press inquiry to the Narvaez campaign, but we received no response before publication time.

But it is confirmed that Narvaez has the endorsement of the Greater Dallas Black Police Association. Their president, Terrance Hopkins, participated in a virtual birthday celebration in February for controversial Black Lives Matter activist Dominique Alexander.

“I work with Dominique a lot behind the scenes,” Hopkins said during the February virtual meeting.

Alexander helped organize last summer’s protests-turned-riots in Dallas. His allies pushed the city council to “divest” from the Dallas police, wanting to raid their budget and take the taxpayer dollars for other government programs such as “alternatives to police response,” welfare, the arts, and “cultural centers.” Later, Alexander publicly praised Dallas Councilmember Adam Bazaldua’s spearheading of the police overtime cut.

Early voting for the May 1 local elections in North Texas runs April 19-27. Citizens may find all the candidates for District 6 on the city website.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.