Deborah Peoples, chairwoman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, announced that she is running for mayor of Fort Worth.

“Today’s Fort Worth must move beyond old conventions. The so-called ‘Fort Worth Way’ is not working for our city anymore,” she stated. “I believe it’s time to reject the ‘Fort Worth Way.’ As our nation struggles to survive a president that thrives on divisiveness and division, we need a mayor that rejects that concept of government.”

In an interview, Texas Scorecard asked Peoples about some of the hot topics in Fort Worth politics today.

Regarding tax abatements to businesses, Peoples said that she understands some of that is necessary, but “you don’t give away the farm.”

On the Panther Island boondoggle, she said it does need an audit and citizens need to know what’s happening. “I know as much as you know about it,” Peoples said.

When it comes to giving the people of Fort Worth property tax relief, Peoples said, “Taxes that businesses are paying are going down and residents are going up, and we’ve got to balance that equation and get businesses to pay more of their fair share.”

Peoples was then asked about her affiliation, if any, with United Fort Worth, the radical leftist group that organized a failed attempt to make Fort Worth join the SB 4 lawsuit two years ago. “I know those young people. I’ve been to many of the meetings of those young people,” she replied. “It is not just United Fort Worth, there are groups all over Fort Worth that are feeling this frustration that they’re not being heard and not being listened to.”

In a previous article, Texas Scorecard reported how United Fort Worth was targeting the Fort Worth City Council this election cycle and how unlikely it is that any candidates they support will bring property tax relief.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.


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