Dial "0" For Corporate Welfare - Texas Scorecard

In a sign of how disconnected tax-spenders are from taxpayers, Dallas city officials are digging deep into the taxpayers wallets to hand cash directly over to one of the nation’s biggest companies. AT&T is moving their corporate headquarters 275 miles north from San Antonio to Dallas. So, of course, Dallas is going to bilk taxpayers out of $11.5 million for the pleasure. Just two weeks ago the Dallas city manager said they need to consider a tax increase to close a $15 million budget gap. Tax increases to pay for AT&T’s move? Taxpayers can be forgiven if they hear a ringing in their ears.

Remember, AT&T announced their move back in June, saying it would give them better access customers and operations. So, apparently, this “incentive” package wasn’t needed — AT&T needs to be in Dallas because it’s the best place for their business model.

The city package isn’t just tax abatements and the like. No, this includes a $5 million direct-cash pay-out from city coffers to the AT&T savings account.

We must never underestimate the ability of taxers to look for any reason to bilk the taxpayers and slice up pork. Taxpayers should tell government to hang up on deals like this.