Despite unprecedented success in the business world and deep involvement in both state and federal politics, Charles Richard Saulsbury Sr., known by friends and family as “Dick” Saulsbury, has a personality that is refreshingly humble and unassuming. With his strong Christian faith and deep appreciation for the constitution as a foundation, Saulsbury has dedicated countless hours and resources to preserving liberty at the local, state, and national levels.

He wasn’t always heavily involved in politics, however. Born and raised in the small town of Smackover, Arkansas, Saulsbury and his wife, Amelia, moved to West Texas in the 1960’s for the same reason many make the move to the Permian Basin –  job opportunity. While working for an electricity company called Dixie Electric, it wasn’t long before Saulsbury’s ambition and knack for entrepreneurship surfaced.

In 1964, he founded his own electric company called Star Electric, and over the next several decades would go on to form Saulsbury Electric Company, Saulcon, Inc. (a general construction company), Saulsbury Engineering and Construction (a company providing engineering, procurement, and construction services), and SAGO Energy, LP (an oil and gas company). In 2012, he merged the three former companies, creating Saulsbury Industries.

With his four children now helping to run the family company, Saulsbury has had the opportunity to invest additional time in causes outside of the office. As an adamant defender of the constitution, he is involved in organizations such as the Liberty Institute, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and the Eagle Forum, to name a few.

While his political involvement varies widely, he is particularly passionate about two issues: strengthening pro-Israel policies and preserving first and second amendment rights.

Saulsbury says he initially got involved in advocating for Israel on the political level because of his conviction as a Christian.

“God didn’t ask us to stand by Israel, he told us to … If we don’t stand by Israel we’re failing as a nation.” Saulsbury is a member and active supporter of numerous pro-Israel organizations that educate and advocate at the national level and travels to the country frequently.

When it comes to the first and second amendment, Saulsbury stands by the belief that both go hand-in-hand. “[Preserving the Second Amendment] is not a hunting issue … You can’t have your first amendment rights without the second amendment. It’s about liberty and freedom.” He continually supports candidates and organizations, such as Gun Owners of America, that help to preserve these constitutional rights.

Outside of his work on the state and national levels, Saulsbury can be found delving into local politics and serving on community-based boards, such as the Ector County ISD Education Foundation, Meals on Wheels, and Rock the Desert. In addition, through personal support and through the Saulsbury Family Foundation, he continues to give back to the Permian Basin community with a focus on organizations that are often faith-based, advance education, or support constitutional preservation.

In his spare time, Saulsbury enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting, and fishing, as well as spending time with Amelia, their four children, eight grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren – all of whom reside in Odessa.

Known by many for his generosity, honesty, and love for America and his community, Saulsbury is unwavering in his principles and truly puts into practice what he preaches. His unrelenting dedication to preserving personal liberty, however, also serves as a reminder that for every Dick Saulsbury, there’s someone else dedicating the same amount of energy to take those very liberties away. As he often says, “Freedom has to be nourished … you can’t keep it otherwise.”


Lauren Melear

Lauren Melear leads the West Texas Bureau of Texas Scorecard. When not working, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, as well as cooking, working out, traveling to the hill country, and cheering on the fightin' Texas Aggies.


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