As the Dallas Independent School District continues setting itself against citizens, a recording has surfaced of a man promoting a controversial sexual theory to students at one of the district’s middle schools. The man speaking in the recording is alleged to be a Dallas ISD teacher.

“Transgender means … being born male, if I felt inside that I was meant to be a woman, then I could make the transition and become a woman.” The man alleged to have spoken those words is Matthew Mazur, an art teacher at the George Bannerman Dealey Montessori Academy, one of the schools within Dallas ISD that teaches pre-kindergarten to grade 6.

The quote is from a recording sources provided Texas Scorecard of the September 16 meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance Club at Dealey. Sources say children aged 12-14 attend the club meetings.

The full recording is below:

“GSA club is a safe place. We try to avoid making any kind of assumptions or judgments about anyone, be it their orientation, gender, any of that,” the man says at the beginning of the club meeting.

After a student shared how he became “comfortable” with his gender, the man addressed the students again.

“I think it’s important to realize that not everybody is … totally masculine, totally feminine. There’s always kind of a spectrum in between,” he said. “I know some people who tend to identify as transgender kind of see themselves in different ways. … In social situations, they may feel more masculine; and in other situations, they may feel more feminine. [It’s] kind of a continuum, so everybody’s different.”

“Can you identify as transgender?” another student asked the man. “Yeah,” the man replied.

“Transgender means we were born with … being born male, if I felt inside that I was meant to be a woman, then I could make the transition and become a woman if I wanted to,” the man continued. “Some men may feel that way and only cross-dress, or be a drag queen, or may hide it.”

Texas Scorecard sent inquiries to Mazur and the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees in an attempt to verify whether Mazur was the speaker in the recording and whether the recorded statements are in line with the board’s policies.

No responses were received before publication.

Parents across the state are defending their children from the local tyranny of their school boards, Dallas ISD included. These conflicts range from school mask mandates to teaching controversial leftist subjects like critical race theory.

Citizens who attended the September 23 Dallas ISD trustee meeting agreed the district had become a hostile learning environment.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.