Carlos Turcios, a student activist in the Fort Worth area, is sounding the alarm on a controversial school district training for English as a Second Language teachers.

Turcios also posted excerpts from the training, which included children’s books promoting LGBT sexual conduct and examples of “culturally responsive pedagogy” (like an LGBT hallway exhibit with rainbow flags and “coming out” paraphernalia). Images of “culturally responsive pedagogy” feature posters that read “No one is illegal on stolen land” and “Stop pretending racism is patriotism.”

One of the training excerpts instructs teachers to “embrac[e] the idea that lesson planning is a political act; we either maintain or chip away at systems of oppression with each lesson we plan.”

ESL teachers also received the books “Boys Don’t Cry,” “What You Say, You Do,” and “Family,” which depict crossdressing, coming out scenes, and illegal immigration.

All of the books in question were written by Dr. Jose Medina, a homosexual who is a “chief educational advocate” and the facilitator of the entire training.

In “Boys Don’t Cry,” Medina uses short stories supposedly from his childhood to encourage children to embrace LGBT behaviors. The stories describe Medina’s affinity for playing with dolls and crossdressing at an early age, and how he later came out to his sister.

The book titled “Family” includes a story called “Margarita,” which is about Medina’s mother. Her character is afraid of Border Patrol, and Medina’s character complains about an agent asking for his mother’s proof of legal residency.

In a conversation with Texas Scorecard, Turcios questioned Fort Worth ISD’s intentions for a training that promotes “division, woke ideology, critical race theory, and LGBT conduct.”

“Why are teachers having to learn and be trained on these concepts when it has nothing to do with teaching altogether?” Turcios asked. “How does this apply to [ESL] and teaching kids English?”

Turcios added that local citizens are paying Dr. Medina for his “useless methods that only [indoctrinate] kids, and ha[ve] no value and application to the workforce.” He also mentioned that state laws and regulations against critical race theory in the classroom are currently not enforced. 

Fort Worth is just one of the many districts across Texas that are teaching LGBT and other questionable materials to children. Concerned citizens may contact their local school officials.

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro is an outspoken conservative at Texas A&M who is involved with the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is passionate about exposing the waste, corruption, and RINOs in the Austin swamp.