Sarah Nash was born in Pennsylvania, but soon after coming to Texas, she fell in love with this state. “Texas is the best place in the world, and I will die here,” she proclaims.

After graduation, Sarah left Houston for New York to work in the fashion industry. When she experienced the corrupted and controlling policies of New York, Sarah realized she had a calling to get more young people involved in politics. Not intending to stay there any longer than five years, Sarah was soon able to return to her favorite state. Exceeding her five-year goal by only four days, she proudly settled down in Dallas and became involved in the grassroots of the conservative movement.

Before she knew it, Sarah had become an active member of the Dallas County Young Republicans. She currently serves as its chair, carrying out her personal mission to help the GOP reach more millennials.

According to Sarah, the GOP has a major problem reaching younger generations. It is not enough, she says, for Republicans to simply believe that young people will become more conservative as they grow older and more independent. In her opinion, the GOP needs to embrace young people and tell them that they matter — that their voice counts. The Republican Party must share its conservative ideals with younger individuals who are searching for identity.

Sarah has seen that many young people simply don’t know how to get involved with politics. Based on her experience, one of the most common complaints from millennial conservatives is that the GOP imposes high barriers to entry. Many Republican events simply cost too much, demand too much time away from school, or require too many connections.

In order to improve this situation, Sarah has worked with the statewide Texas GOP to increase its outreach to young conservatives. She has successfully advocated for reduced costs for Young Republican members at GOP events and has seen her efforts pay dividends, increasing young conservative engagement.

For young conservatives who need help breaking into the “in” group of politics, Sarah has a simple solution: “pick a topic,” she says — anything at all. “Find an organization, and just walk in.” That’s how Sarah started her political career, after all! The world of politics is all interconnected, and any connections that an aspiring political leader makes will only branch out over time.

Sarah knows that not everybody has the time to become a full-fledged activist; she can attest to how busy the schedule gets. Still, Sarah believes that every young person should develop “a solid group.” In other words, young people should actively seek to surround themselves with peers who share similar political beliefs, and they should connect with those who advocate for the same cause.

Sarah’s journey shows that being an activist is a state of mind; anyone can be one if they commit to action.

Editor’s Note: Nash is now a member of Collin County Young Republicans.

Corey Rogan

Corey is a junior in college studying public policy. Introduced to the world of politics at a young age, he quickly became concerned about the disconnect he saw between America's founding principles and the political reality in which he lived. Corey’s goal is to serve as a bridge between America’s exceptional history and his generation. Through his involvement with Convention of States, Empower Texans, Young Americans for Freedom, and the College Republicans, he is always ready to promote and protect America’s founding principles.