A North Texas mother was disturbed by what appeared to be images of gay and lesbian couples in a book about families meant for her 3-year-old. An email from Keller Independent School District staff acknowledged the images are of gay and lesbian couples, making Keller ISD just the latest district to promote LGBTQ ideology to students.

Texas Scorecard was contacted by Mrs. Brown, a mother within the Keller Independent School District. Her 3-year-old child received a number of books to read during the summer, including one titled “A World of Families,” which presents images of different kinds of families.

Brown said Page 3 featured images of a gay couple with a child, and a lesbian couple with a child was on Page 7.

Texas Scorecard sent inquiries to the elected Keller Board of Trustees regarding these images. Trustee Craig Allen was the only one who responded. “I do not see it,” he said on the matter of LGBTQ representation in the images. “I see lots of smiling, happy people. I know families are not always smiling and happy, but clearly that is something this board would hope for, and I hope people are glad to see loving, caring families.”

This conflicts with the response Brown received from the district when she asked about these images. “There are families that do have same sex couples therefore they are included in the visual representations,” replied Dr. Carrie Pearson, Keller ISD’s Early Program director.

Dr. Pearson pointed to Pages 107 and 108 of the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines as the reason why these images are present.

The goals listed here are for the child to identify “similarities and differences between himself, classmates and other children inclusive of specific characteristics and cultural influences” and “similarities and differences in characteristics of families.” Among the examples for teachers to use to reach these goals are to use “photographs pictures [sic], and drawings to discuss how people are alike and different.”

Keller ISD is the latest school district in North Texas to promote LGBTQ ideology to its students.

Citizens in Southlake recently became outraged over a controversial “Cultural Competency Action Plan”—which Carroll ISD has already started implementing—that, among other things, promotes LGBTQ ideology and would pit students against each other by tracking those accused of committing “microaggressions.” Parents sending open records requests, seeking information about the plan, have been hit by high cost estimates from the district. A lawsuit was recently filed against the district by a parent who alleges the district has violated the Texas Open Meetings Act. 

LGBTQ ideology in schools could be an issue that takes center stage this week when the Texas State Board of Education meets to discuss revising curriculum standards across the state. Last year, leftists turned out in force to push promoting LGBTQ and abortion in Texas’ curriculum.

Keller ISD parents who are concerned about this issue can contact their elected board of trustees. All parents are encouraged to follow the State Board of Education meetings this week.

Keller ISD Board of Trustees:

Craig Allen, Place 1: craig.allen@kellerisd.net
Karina Davis, Place 2: karina.davis@kellerisd.net
Cindy Lotton, Place 3: cindy.lotton@kellerisd.net
Chris Roof, Place 4: chris.roof@kellerisd.net
Beverly Dixon, Place 5: beverly.dixon@kellerisd.net
Brad Schofield, Place 6: brad.schofield@kellerisd.net
Ruthie Keyes, Place 7: ruthie.keyes@kellerisd.net

If you or someone you know has come across objectionable content being distributed by your school district, we want to hear from you. Please email rmontoya@texasscorecard.com.

Robert Montoya

A former filmmaker, University of North Texas graduate, and one-time assistant language teacher, Robert Montoya misses Japan and the 1980s. He is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard.