A Bexar County judge today awarded sanctions to Empower Texans against Murphy Turner and Associates “in light of the collective testimony given by the company’s principals regarding lack of knowledge of mail pieces.”

MTA was sanctioned because principals Wayne Hamilton, Chris Turner and Craig Murphy were not forthright in their depositions, leading to additional discovery costs. At issue are mail pieces that deceptively used a name similar to Empower Texans’ “Texans for Fiscal Responsibility” by a political action committee controlled by family members of an MTA principal in an effort to confuse voters.

“A court has now found that Wayne Hamilton, Chris Turner and Craig Murphy were misleading in their testimony,” said the president of Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “That goes along with the misleading practices they engaged in around the state under the auspices of a false-flag group.”

This is the second monetary award against MTA. In the fall of 2013, they had to pay $41,000 for not providing subpoenaed documents.

The ruling by a Bexar County District Court ordered a hearing to ascertain the sanctions to be assessed against MTA due to Hamilton, Turner and Murphy’s deceptive depositions.

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