Talk about gaining the big mo. We see the new University of Texas poll shows Governor Rick Perry leading Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison by 12 points. Just a few months ago, Hutchison had a poll bragging about her double-digit lead.

Could just be that the poll over-sampled hair-care professionals. Or maybe the media-hyped “Perry fatigue” isn’t as real as some would have us believe.

It could also be that the voting public is starting to poke around in the lady senator’s record. She’s held statewide office for 20+ years, so the “outsider” game doesn’t work.

And even she could claim outsider status, she’s coming in from Washington, DC. Not the most popular place on Planet Texas.

Maybe she missed hearing about the crowd wildly booing her fellow senator, John Cornyn, at the Austin tea party? And he is a LOT more conservative than she’d ever even pretend to be.

Never count KBH out, but RP isn’t a campaign lightweight either. I bet the summer only gets hotter for her.

The UT poll: