The San Antonio Public Library published a “Transgender 101” guide on its website promoting gender ideology, information about transitioning, and resources for financing surgeries.

As previously reported by Texas Scorecard, there are dangerous and irreversible consequences that often result from gender mutilating surgery that supporters of gender ideology ignore, even when such medical procedures involve children.

Following a lengthy definition of “transgender” and an explanation that those who choose to transition seek to “bring their body into alignment with their gender identity,” there is a notice to readers stating “At all San Antonio Public Library locations, patrons can use the bathroom with which they identify.”

The website lists various types of gender transitions, such as social, which involves pronoun use; legal, which refers to official name changes; and medical, which entails hormone therapy and sex reassignment procedures.

Referring to the medical procedures as “gender confirmation surgery,” SAPL provides a summary from an article about the costs for treatments ranging from $20 – $150,000.

For biological females, SAPL lists gender modification procedures such as facial masculinization that can include “thyroid cartilage enhancement, cheek augmentation, forehead lengthening,” inverted-t top surgeries, which are types of mastectomies to remove breast tissue, and hysterectomies to remove the uterus and ovaries.

Additional surgeries include reassigning the clitoris and using skin grafts to create a penis, lengthening the urethra, and having a “vaginectomy, or the closing of the opening in the front of the pelvis.”

For biological males, the SAPL website lists surgical procedures for facial feminization, such as a “tracheal shave and lip lift or augmentation,” breast implants, vaginoplasty with skin grafts “to create a vaginal canal,” and vulvoplasty to create the outer vagina, “and an opening that allows the patient to urinate.”

SAPL notes that the first surgical procedure biological males often get is an orchiectomy for “the removal of the testicles.”

The SAPL guide offers resources about how to “navigate health insurance,” apply for grants and scholarships, and suggests personal and home-equity loans, fundraisers, or installment plans to help finance surgeries.

However, there is no mention of support or advice if someone seeks to detransition—to live again as their biological sex.

Measures to protect detransitioners were proposed in the Texas Legislature last year but were killed in the Texas House.

In Arizona, Gov. Katie Hobbs recently vetoed the Detransitioner Bill of Rights, legislation requiring insurance companies and providers of gender transition services to cover the cost if an individual seeks to detransition.

Detransitioner Chloe Cole responded in a press release by Do No Harm, an organization of doctors, nurses, and students countering “youth-focused gender ideology” in the medical profession. “I have experienced first-hand the destruction that the gender transitioning industry can wreck on children,” Cole said, adding, “Our kids deserve to know that the same industry that abused them will be required to help them rebuild and restore their bodies.”

The Republican Party of Texas has made the prevention of instruction on sexual orientation and gender ideology in public schools and libraries a top priority for the next legislative session.

Debra McClure

Debra McClure is a contract writer for Texas Scorecard. She is also a former teacher.